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  1. yeah but Its neither raising nor falling that's my concern 🙂
  2. I noticed from past 1 week, my gig impressions stats are exactly same and didn't changed at all, just wandering is it a normal scenario or its just me who is experiencing this ?
  3. Thank you for clarification, yes it was an auto complete. Make sense!
  4. The interesting thing here is I can see the option on one payout but not the other. So, I completed a order of 150$ and after few days 30$, now its showing early payout for 30 but not for 150.. strange.. dont know whats the logic behind 😃
  5. that’s not a bug though, they have done it intentionally. Sellers without level will see job post once or twice in a day at a random time and it disappeared quite quickly when jobs recieve some considerable proposals. For sellers L1 & L2 they can see jobs and can apply anytime.
  6. There is a strange bug I have seen in buyer request section which is if there are more then one attachment buyer posted then on website you will see only 1 attachment the first one and if you check in fiverr app, you can see all the attachment buyer attached. I have attached screenshot for same. on app720×1520 114 KB on website1233×168 22.4 KBI hope fiverr development team will look this issue and get it fixed because to check attachments in mobile app and then to submit proposal is quite a tedious job.
  7. This seems to be for some clients only, its really a strange thing why fiverr has not done this for all orders regardless of what the buyers previous purchase history, seems they just offering this for fiverr business clients and I dont know what’s the parameter “business client” Its a really useful feature and much needed, so I just hope fiverr will implement it for all orders. If its in message chat that would be great, in that case we can discuss with client on voice call or video call to confirm their order and avoid chances of cancellations.
  8. Just yesterday I came across a job post where the buyer puts a short url link saying check here for more details, as it was something bit.ly so I checked it and to my surprise it was that sellers gig. I just don’t understand what they will get by doing this ? Does fiverr counts this as a click and increases the stats ? I reported the seller account for misleading but seriously sellers stop doing these silly tricks and try to find a genuine way of earning from this platform. I being seller myself got level 2 badge twice and lost, things went up and down with my profile but I never did false tricks to get my profile up in rankings. I hope fiverr should make a vetting process for approval of those requests, some kind of filters or checks are required before submitting job post.
  9. Are you sure about this ? What I know is they don’t have calling feature no matter what your level is ? Can someone who is pro seller confirm this ?
  10. I really cant understand why this is a problem, think about a situation where a person working in a coworking space using fiverr and some other seller have fiverr account with same service and same office. Now you cant go to everyone and see what they’re doing, I think this should not be an issue.
  11. Giving samples is fine but don’t do corrections or changes requested untill they not agree for order, if they’re really interested and like the work you done they will definitely come back otherwise this is an indication for you that they’re looking for freebies.
  12. Its just definition of “more” is different for each individual.
  13. Better reach out to fiverr support for this, there is no option for sellers to hide the badge.
  14. No, they dont disappear from the list what you’ve sent even if they select someone else. It depends on buyer and there is no restriction even if they come after 6 months and accepts the offer they can simply do that. I usually checks the buyers profile if they have review recently related to the gig what they asked in buyer request then it means the work has been done already.
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