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  1. Hi, Fiverr only takes its own cut (20%) on what is paid by the buyer to the seller. The case of withholding tax (in which the employer pays tax for the employee) does not employ here, as you’re not directly employed by fiverr. Rather you’re employed in a freelance manner by a buyer. And that buyer pays only for the job. If, however, you’re employed by an LLC in US, for example, then they might pay withholding tax to the US government. In my opinion, the bottom line is that a freelancer needs to pay the income tax in his own country.
  2. staying online helps. When the buyers are looking for seller, they filter the results by checking the online sellers. There are chrome extensions that can reload a page after the set time. However, staying online is not the only parameter that brings customers to your gigs.
  3. addition: 1- share your gigs on your social media accounts. that surely will improve the traffic to your account. 2- Add the related words of your niche in your description as well. 3- Add FAQs 4- More good quality gig images can help you in increasing the traffic.
  4. then I believe you should email to this to fiverr support. It is better to communicate it to them so that the bug is resolved as soon as possible
  5. Hi, I believe the following suggestion will improve your orders. 1- try to tweak with the title and keywords of your gigs. try to put such words in your title that are exactly related to your niche. 2- reduce your prices for some time and see if it works. 3- do check buyer requests time and again, and try that the buyers come to your inbox, that way traffic will increase for your account. 4- always stay online. on laptop or computer especially. If you have the fiverr app, good. otherwise install it. but still stay online on laptop. 5- if there aren’t many reviews on your gigs, delete them and make new gigs for same skills. 6- if you have good impressions but low clicks, that means you need to change your gig image so as to attract the buyers more. 7- pray for your success. I hope it helps you.
  6. In my opinion there can be two reasons for this: 1- either it is a technical fault. 2- you have a running order that is in a dispute, and therefore they have mentioned -1 for orders in queue.
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