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  1. I am facing this issues since last month and what i noticed is when your gig is under rotation and you lost impressions then you will not be eligible for promoted gig.
  2. Same here l, i have 800+ positive reviews but no new orders no new queries since 2 months 😅
  3. Ah, sorry, in that case yes your both account will be banned permanently. Close one account before Fiverr get you.
  4. Hehe yes my hands are up for this feature
  5. No you won’t get banned, you can login your account on any device at the same time
  6. Same issue, 2 years i was on the top, even was staying in top 10, but since this May i am facing this weird issue which is not Normal. I contacted Fiverr and they said everything is ok. I was like maybe it is only happened to me, i posted a topic but no use of it then i noticed that it is not only me but there are lot of sellers who are stuck in this situation. Two days ago, i see my gig again on the top and looks normal in search but today gig is vanished from search again lol. So no idea what kind of algorithm is that.
  7. Ok so after 2 weeks my gig came back to top and stayed 2 days and now again vanished from search. 🤨
  8. Yes mostly sellers are facing thus issue, i see new sellers are ranking a d i believe it is because Fiverr is testing their algorithm.
  9. Hello Pros and Gurus, Can you please analyze my gig https://www.fiverr.com/solomon1a/clean-infected-wordpress-websites
  10. Hello, It is been 4 years i am working on Fiverr, I completed 1000+ orders, and made around $16000+ at $18 Average order cost. In this 4 years i have always been sit in top 5 for few keywords, i used to get 4 to 5 messages daily and at least 1 order daily, but since 2 months i see no messages no orders, it feels like a disappointment to me because we seller pays 20% of our earning to Fiverr and we do hard work to complete the orders with all the buyer satisfaction, but after all these hard work you get kicked out without any reason is like you were working for nothing? I am not complaining that Fiverr should not give chance to new comers but they should kicked out professionals either. What do you think? Are you also facing such issue? What should we do to secure our positions?
  11. And my answer was very clear: Where did you read it? Can i also read anywhere in Fiverr official statement that this is the nature of Fiverr algorithm? I am also an SEO expert and i know the nature of algorithms. They rank you, de rank you or penalize you. In 2 years i found my gig on a particular keyword at 1st, sometimes under 10, sometimes under 50 and sometimes under 100, and sometimes i have witnessed it at last page, but since one week i am seeing it NO WHERE.
  12. Well mate, i have read it, but my question is very clear that why i am not even at end of the page even at the end of that page. I understand it is algorithm but what kind of algorithm which is not ranking or de-ranking you but vanishing you from the list.
  13. What kind of algorithm is that where i was ranking on one keyword and now i am not even at the last number of that particular keyword?
  14. This would appear to be incorrect. Your account says you’ve been on Fiverr since February 2016. It is an algorithm that Fiverr has said – many times – is working as it should. Just because your gig is now showing up where you want it to show up, does not mean there is a bug in the system. Keep in mind too, where YOU see your gig show up, is not what other people see. So, if you can’t find your gig, that doesn’t mean other people see the same thing. The algorithm shows gigs in different places, for different users, all dependent upon factors native to each user. That’s how algorithm’s work. Yeah my bad i meant 2016, but still i am confused that why my gig is not showing up at all? At least it should be somewhere in the page? And as you said Fiverr algo always works like that then why since one year i see myself on top of page? I mean why in one yes it never happened at any day or anytime? Why since May?
  15. Absolutely right, i am also not complaining, everyone has equal rights to show their talent but it’s not Like that old talented artist or seller Should not be anywhere in the market.
  16. There is no such thing as “gig rank” in the search results. Gigs vary in search position, and are not guaranteed to be at the top. I’ve had gigs drop to the bottom, rise to the top, settle in the middle… it’s how the algorithm works, and I’ve been on Fiverr (to experience this) many years longer than you. This sort of thing happens to every seller. Just be a great seller, and let the algorithm do its thing. I would have to agree with Fiverr too, they neither manipulate the search results (i.e., the algorithm runs on its own), nor do they guarantee any specific (or permanent) position in the results. That’s because there is no problem. This is how the search algorithm works. And no, it’s not a bug. Honestly speaking, i am on Fiverr since 2014, and since 2017 my gig was floating in top 5, but since only two months my gig is nowhere not even in the end of the page for that particular keyword, at least it should be at any place, on top, in middle, or at least at the end of result? What kind of algo is it? I mean i suspect it is a bug 🐛 if it was an algo then at least my gig should somewhere in the list?
  17. I also observe it too, because whenever i have a load of order my gig stops rankings and when i deliver the order, my gig starts ranking.
  18. Hope they will sort it out soon, it is really a pain for me 😕
  19. Hello It is been 5 years now on Fiverr, My gig was constantly ranked in top 5 But since last month it sometimes vanished from search result sometimes on top. It is been 4 days now gig is activate but no where in the search result. Anyone is facing this issue? Kind regards Solomon
  20. It is happening to me since two months, my gigs impressions go high in the start of 2 or 3 weeks of month then it goes to red
  21. Yes i see that too, Seems Fiverr is making changes in algo
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