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  1. Already sharing bro, because my gig ranking is so lost. One time i got 100k impressions and now it hardly 2,3k. Fiverr becomes so strange.
  2. Please help me with the sales, no new buyers approaching me from last 4,5 months sales decreased to almost zero.
  3. Hi MK, Don’t try to contact fiverr support they will not going to remove it, but there may be chances they will block your account. so work on your account and try to get new positive reviews so that they can over come to negative ones.
  4. While you may have been a TRS at one point, that doesn’t necessarily mean you still deserve to be one. I know many sellers who used to be TRS, and are not anymore. Fiverr updated the levels system because they had too many TRS sellers who didn’t perform like top sellers. Those sellers – perhaps you were one of them – lost their coveted level because they couldn’t maintain the requirements. As hard as it may be to hear this, Fiverr is extremely selective of those who hold the TRS level. No one deserves to be a TRS. Fiverr has sole discretion over who THEY feel should hold that rank. And the odds are, if you couldn’t maintain the level, Fiverr isn’t going to re-promote you just because you want that level. You proved that you couldn’t hold onto TRS, so that might play a part in Fiverr’s monthly selection process moving forward. TRS is an honor, not a right. Yeah i think this is one of major reason, and i am totally agree to this point. Lets hope for the best, i have learnt mu lesson and i will not repeat my mistakes if i get a chance to become one. Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciate it.
  5. May be, but i dont think so if someone is getting 100 order why they need Top rated seller batch because after this they will get more sales and unable to handle them.
  6. That’s because no one knows. Demanding that we provide an answer won’t result in an answer. Only Fiverr knows what Level 2 sellers are (or are not) worthy of promotion to TRS. Becoming a TRS won’t change that. TRS sellers have the same exact sales struggles as everyone else. If you want more sales, perhaps now is a good time to go market and promote your gigs to bring in more customers. Fiverr does not guarantee sales to anyone, so it is unwise to expect Fiverr to provide you with all of your customers. Let me add it i was a Top Rated Seller an year ago but i lose that level due to some stats dropping. But at that my conditions was almost same and after Top Rated Seller i was getting much traffic and sales. So now for me Top Rated seller batch is much important in order to get traffic and generate sales.
  7. Thank you for responding to my question, yes i know its a manual process but no one is telling me what’s the reason which is blocking my way to Top Rated Seller. And after doing so much great on fiverr from years now i am getting very less sales from 7,8 months which is alarming for me. Even though i am doing great, getting great feedbacks from my clients but sales are decreasing.
  8. Hi, I am working on fiverr from a long time, i am just curious why i am not promoted to Top Rated Seller after successfully maintaining my all the stats and being nominated from last 5 months. What are the main aspects which i am missing for this level? What should i do? Thank you for your precious feedbacks. Webdeveloper89s
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