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  1. You can not blame the sellers. maybe they are not interest in your price and also fiverr staff doing great job for sellers and buyers.
  2. You are now able to create 10 gigs!!! best of luck!!
  3. It’s really crying need for Digital marketing…! Now we both Buyers and Sellers can get good experience on it…special me…😊 Thanks for your update information. Love all the forum members…!😍
  4. Happy new year Misscrystal… glad to hear from you 😊 How are you?
  5. 🎇 I wish and hope this year bring more happiness and joy to your life…💖
  6. Weal here would like to say take care of your account and gig…it’s an market place where you have an account not a website to boost in high doing black hat grey hat and white hat seo.
  7. I’m confused. You said, “no comment”, yet you still made a comment, following that “no comment” comment. Here no comment means nothing to say…😊
  8. Thank you so much… It’s my pleasure to hear​:blush:😊
  9. Thanks buddies keep in good company… That’s yah I got nice post badges ❤️️ 😊
  10. Interesting. I would suggest the use of full words instead of textspeak. If I read your post as an article, the abbreviations and (incorrect) autocorrects are distracting. Good try. I typed it with my phone. Excuse me for mistyped.
  11. Send the offers according to the buyer needs.
  12. I’m confused. You said, “no comment”, yet you still made a comment, following that “no comment” comment. I’m confused too… you really make me laugh
  13. I prefer silver compliments. Maybe even bronze compliments. Everyone wants the golden compliments, but it’s okay to win second place. 😉 No comment!!! why you gonna for silver!?
  14. Yah You are right buyer satisfaction is number one priority. That’s mean you are dealing with work not on money. Thank you
  15. Thank you so much for adding some Wonderful words.
  16. Although your English does have room for improvement, I think your point is still clear and important for sellers to keep in mind. 😃 A seller’s primary goal should be creating something of value instead of making money. Like you said, the money will follow when you consistently deliver work of excellent quality. 😉 Thanks for golden complement…😃
  17. Hello there, Today I am going to write this article from my knowledge and experience I have achieved from work, training, teachers advice and so on… This is about our attitude and attention and mindset up towards our works. Here I would like to say we should respect, responsible and committed every single work, even its easy to use. Sometimes easy works can be harder for your negligence and get paid for it. Here we work for someone who paid for it. So you have the responsibility to valuable his/ her money by your work. Here money is important for you and work is important for buyer. Here is the point! Which one are you going for? If you are going for the money then work maybe lees important to you. Bcz you are only looking for money doesn’t care about what are you going to deliver to the buyer. On the Other hand if you are going for work, money will be less important than work. Then you will give more attention to the work. Which is buyer really looking for.! Here If you deliver better work then you won’t need to looking for money, Monay will looking for you. You will get better paid and honer. That’s all, I’m trying to share something different! I hope guys get the point and please leave a comment below if there anything missing or wrong! Best of luck in Fiverr journey.
  18. Weal… Illegal service dosen’t allowe and support in Fiverr. They strictly punished them who break up the ToS and ToC! In this case I would suggest you to read and obey ToS and ToC! Best of luck
  19. Thank you so much email_stocks for lovely wish…Happy Christmas too. 😊
  20. Wish you Merry Christmas Lina!! 2017 brings lots of happiness, success and few bad memories as well. I would like to say Thanks to my friend who suggest me to start working with Fiverr and my life has been changed a lot from past. Wish you all Merry Christmas to Fiverr Community and Fiverr Staff. Thanks Happy Xmas ethicaldesigner…and Thank you. 🙂
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