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  1. Make your gig more attractive. Send Buyer request, be active, share your gigs on social media. check this article if you want to know more about how to make your gig attractive
  2. I’ve contacted with fiverr CS and they told me buyer satisfaction is the main factor, but I’ve completed many orders during this time with lots of great reviews but still nothing works, They also told me this is not permanent. thats why I’m waiting 😦
  3. No. if you select keyword research as your category it’ll not be any problem. Many gigs are in the top pages have “keyword research” category thank you !
  4. Everything will not be alright until fiverr take any action about it, it’s not gig ranking issues, it’s fiverr bug or any technical issues and even we’re not getting CS human responses. If it’s gig ranking issues then if we do marketing and complete any order then it helps to increase gig impression but now anything don’t have any effect on gig, just getting down everyday, it’s near to zero click. 😐 for the last 3 months I’ve completed many orders but still no improvement of my gig. even not a single gig is ranked. impression and clicks are decreasing day by day
  5. same issue here for the last 3 months. gig rotation is the main problem. So, wait and hope your gig will rank soon
  6. “update required” will appear when you select “keyword research” category. you can change it to “competitor Analysis” or “on page SEO”. But if you keep it in “keyword research” category. it wont be any problem because many gig on the top ranked have the “keyword research” category. thank you
  7. Your rating needs to be 90% to send offers in the buyer requests section that means 4.5 stars average (60 days count). So, now one solution is try to find buyer from different social media. promote your gig in the right way. best wishes
  8. from the next time when you get any order, make sure your client is satisfy with your service.
  9. Welcome to the fiverr community. Show your Talent to the world ✌️
  10. in the keyword research category unfortunately, there isn’t any option to promote gig 😦 @vickiespencer @irfanpro this is really sad ! My gig impression was 20k+ but its 3.9k and decreasing day by day
  11. Did you get your gig back in search? If so how did you fix it not yet 😦 All of my gigs ranked down
  12. Yes, I’m Agree with you. But i’m expecting at least 2nd page or 3rd page. But my gig is not listed within 20 pages !! 😦
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