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  1. I just noticed it today… I don’t think anyone from the development team is assigned to fix this issue.
  2. Yes, they still sell them but with ANDROID as the default OS… lol
  3. Report him to CS from the order page (resolution center)… as long as he doesn’t mention a specific request or modification that he needs, that’s a TOS abuse.
  4. Please don’t share this as advice. Avoiding gig updates, just to avoid the Fiverr review process actually hurts sellers. If a seller’s gig needs to be updated, then he/she should update it. Keep things current. Try new things until the right thing works. Don’t live in fear of what might happen. Make any changes that are necessary so that things can happen. If the gig is bringing sales and appears in the first row… then no need to update it. I didn’t update most if my gigs for the past 2 years.
  5. I am glad you issue got fixed, To avoid losing your search position, DO NOT edit your gig at all.
  6. If you have recently updated your gig’s information, FAQ, tags, description, title or photos you need to contact the CS to approve those changes… it won’t show you anything (warning, errors or notifications) but after each edit your gig gets (pending approval…) status in the system… to speed things up contact CS (gig support) and tell them to approve your gig changes. I knew this information from CS representative, as the same thing happened with me recently.
  7. Thank you. It took me 2 years to get that far, it doesn’t come easy… Best of luck.
  8. Totally possible, I didn’t reach the $10K per month (as I am doing this part time, my current rate is $5k), but it can be totally done.
  9. Well, in my country the USD has no value at all, $5 = 1.5 KWD only so, with this 1.5 KWD I can fill my car with gas “full tank” but nothing else.
  10. we are in year 2018… you guys are going backward to 1425 !!! figure…
  11. Never have I ever slept more than 12 hours in one day. 😴
  12. may be boring to them… not you! This can happens to anyone here. So, what’s new ? any update ? did you try payoneer yet ?
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