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  1. Reply to @annfran: It is the best way to start for newbies! Good luck!
  2. Reply to @bsharpe1983: You know now, so take advantage from it! Good luck!
  3. Recently I started to try to attract customers in this way “buyer requests”. Hope this will give me results.
  4. Reply to @dsaldridge: I have to agree with you! Those are some great tips!
  5. Reply to @aestheticdesign: Very useful information. Thank you!
  6. Make sure that your key words appear in your title. Customers/buyers will find you easily.
  7. Reply to @magellon: You’re right about the “buyer requests” for newbie!
  8. You can post ot twitter too. The only difference is that the post in twitter is called tweet. You can follow people which have the same interest as you and they can follow you. Many people use it and I think is good markething method to advertise your gigs.
  9. Constantly changing the description and the keywords until the customer do not notice your product. Also you can start advertise your GIGs in twitter or pinterest and it’s good that you are making facebook marketing as well. Be patient!
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