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  1. In my experience, Fiverr or Freelancer cannot force the buyer to accept the order. So, if the buyer does not like what we delivered, they can ask for a refund, and in this case, I don't believe Fiverr can do anything. I cannot agree with this point, and based on my experience, there are some great buyers from those countries. Some buyers have even placed orders over $500 each time. So, it's not fair to categorize based on country alone. However, as an experienced freelancer, you can take some precautions to avoid cancellations. Let me explain how I deal with this kind of situation: 1. If I feel any buyer might not be genuine, before I deliver the final files, I might just send a rough draft (not a delivery - make sure not to deliver unfinished work) and get confirmation on the direction of the project. Alternatively, it's always better to send a draft before the deadline without officially delivering, so you can receive feedback on whether they like it or not. 2. So, if they don't love it, you'll definitely have to work on it. But you've only sent a draft, so there's no use for them to keep it. 3. If they do love it, and they need any further changes, you can work on them and then make an official delivery. In my experience, once they confirm the design and after you deliver, they cannot just say, 'We don't like it.' In this case, you can come to a point and show their confirmation to them, as well as to Fiverr Customer Support. This way, you have proof that the buyer was satisfied with the work but is now trying to scam.In this case, Fiverr will definitely help you, and at the very least, you could come to a partial refund instead of a full refund. hope this might help
  2. I've noticed that you've built a really impressive profile here. With over 12 years of experience on Fiverr and more than 7,000 reviews, it's a bit puzzling to see any fake reviews. It's possible there might be a misunderstanding or perhaps something in your messages to buyers raised a flag. Have you ever mentioned or asked about reviews? I'd suggest taking a look at your recent activity to pinpoint where the issue might be. It could be a good idea to reach out to Fiverr Customer Support. They're usually really understanding and can help you out. Also, as @sripra9007 mentioned, if you have a Seller Plus subscription, it might be a good idea to let your success manager know about this. They could take a closer look and provide some valuable insights.
  3. @pramodchoudh188 Unfortunately, we have to face a few buyers like that. After receiving the complete project as they expected, sometimes they change their mind or aren't satisfied. However, these cases are very rare. About 99% of buyers are genuinely satisfied and often even add extra tips to their orders when they're happy with the work. So, let's not dwell on those who don't value freelancers' time and focus on the ones who do appreciate our efforts. Besides this, I haven't come across any other solution yet.
  4. @webcut adding more cap to your promoted gig alone will not necessarily help you secure more orders. While it will expose your gig to a wider audience, to actually receive more orders, your gig should perform well and be attractive. You need to offer something different and provide more value compared to other sellers in your category. The most important aspect is that your gig images should be highly appealing and capture the attention of potential buyers. In other words, promoted gigs can assist you in reaching a larger audience, but it's ultimately up to you to capture their interest.
  5. When you go to 'Withdraw Balance,' you will see three options, including PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Revenue Card. As @smartdezigns explained, select (or apply if it's your first time) the Fiverr Revenue Card. When you choose this option, the funds will be transferred to your Payoneer balance, and from there, you can use them as you wish. If you prefer a direct bank transfer, select the 'Bank Transfer' option.
  6. In the same Sri Lanka event, all seats are booked, and I hope I will get a chance next year 🙂
  7. Can you be more specific about this? Because I'm not sure for what matter they would do that. Because one time I had to change my Payoneer account, and once I opened a ticket, they never asked for my new ID, and they allowed me to change it myself. So, I don't think they will ask for it. But as you did not specify for what reason, I cannot provide an accurate answer.
  8. Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask that is it okay to share my affiliate link with buyers here. I specialize in website design and many of my clients ask for recommendations on selecting the correct web hosting when they start ordering with me. Since I have affiliations with several web hosting companies, I'm wondering if it's acceptable to provide them with my affiliate link to purchase web hosting, allowing me to earn some extra income while I work on website designs here on Fiverr. Thank you!
  9. Can i get orders on these gigs?

    1. nthamali85


      i'm not sure about those. you may have to review your gigs and others to findout 

  10. I'm not entirely certain that 14 out of 15 clicks will result in an order. Sometimes, other sellers might also be checking out your gig, which could be included in those 14 clicks. However, if you find that you're getting a substantial number of clicks from actual buyers without resulting in orders, you might want to consider making your gig images and description more appealing. Additionally, offering a competitive deal compared to others in your category could also increase your chances of getting an order.
  11. You have to create something truly exceptional and creative. That's when Fiverr is more likely to select it. From what I understand, when you deliver something truly unique, Fiverr may hand-pick your work and add it to the Discover page
  12. I checked out your gigs and found them interesting. However, I think you could benefit from using more visually appealing gig images. One of your gig videos looks good and interesting, but I believe the video quality could be improved to grab more attention.
  13. I'm not an expert in your services, but after previewing your Gigs, I would definitely suggest creating more visually appealing gig images. If I may offer some honest feedback, the current gig images may not be very attractive or effectively convey what you do. Consider reducing the amount of text and incorporating descriptive images related to your services. The first impression is your gig image 🙂
  14. Sometimes I also encounter the same issue where certain URLs are flagged as spam. I don't have a definitive solution for this, but I always make sure to contact support and inform them about it, just in case it leads to a warning on my account. It's better to let Fiverr know about this, as it might be helpful for you in the future.
  15. I've regained my gig, and I believe the issue was due to private feedback.
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