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  1. Maybe this: "10 Tips For Getting Your Home Sold Faster and For More Money”. I can give you the 10 tips to start with" Sounds as though you are selling something. That might trigger a rejection.
  2. Try removing/disabling any add-ons or extensions one by one to see if one of those is causing the problem.
  3. It is no longer possible to see a Buyer’s user name when submitting an offer to a request on the desktop. It still appears on the mobile app. This puts Sellers using the desk top at a disadvantage by not being able to address the Buyer by “name” “Hello whoever you are”, here is my offer.
  4. Like you, I used to see as many as a 100 or more offers to a request. Now I never see more than 30. I believe Fiverr is restricting offers to a maximum number per request.
  5. Is that a universal roll out? My Gig still shows 5 Days on average which is the number of days I had named when I set up the Gig. This, even though I have delivered 90% of my jobs in under 2 days.
  6. NBot sure if this is the problem, but I see Documentation included in Basic Gig or Extras and also as a Gig Extra separately listed as Documentation. But who knows what evil lurks in the mind of Fiverr.
  7. They must be throttling request offers somehow. A while back I used to see a hundred or more offers to a single buyer’s request. Now there are almost never more than 30. And that is in the Graphics category.
  8. I have noticed that many of the “Sellers” making Buyers Requests do not even present any Fiverr Gigs on their Profiles. What does that mean? It means they are offering their services off Fiverr. In other words, they are stealing money out of your pocket, Fiverr. Do something about it please.
  9. Gigs in the Graphics and some other categories are required to have Live Portfolio active an it cannot be changed. In other other categories Live Portfolio is an option.
  10. Dear fellow Fiverrites, From the preceeding, I guess that it’s no longer OK to address someone as Dear (insert addressee’s name or title) when corresponding as has been the case for my entire life.
  11. That would rule out a charge back. Preposterous response. As you should be.
  12. Where did you find the shortened link?
  13. 17 of the last 30 requests in my Category were Sellers. Enough already!
  14. By blurry, you mean? They look fine to me.
  15. At some point shortly after completion of the order you should get a message asking you to review your experience with your Seller. How long ago was your order delivered?
  16. Confirmed. It may be that while minimized, your browser is not refreshing or not responding to server requests. Just a guess.
  17. It’s there. You just have to take your random place in search results. Looking for proof? Search for [essays on discount] without the brackets, you are #16
  18. Nice improvement. Now how about averaging Seller’s delivery times? As it is, quoting the Seller’s stated delivery time and calling it “Days on average” makes no sense and has no actual relevance. Many Sellers deliver well in advance of their stated delivery times. Let prospective Buyers know about it.
  19. I’ve gotten in the habit of making withdrawals while there are Pending Clearances and/or Upcoming Earnings. Kind of like a reserve fund.
  20. No, I don’t think that’s normal. Even with a dynamic IP address, you should not be seeing your IP address changing like that. You should check with your Internet service provider.
  21. Yes, it's a carry over from previous versions of the site when reviews were rated either "Thumbs Up" or Thumbs Down" Sellers lived in fear of getting a "Thumbs Down"...they still do.
  22. Sellers never get to see anything but your user name.
  23. Yup. new feature just added. Missing Scroll Bar. I filed a Bug report. Meanwhile, you can use CTRL± or perhaps CTRL+mouse wheel to reduce the image on your screen and expose the Personal Message text box and the Submit button.
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