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  1. yes i have contacted, but they said withdrawal successfully done from our side.
  2. Hi everyone, I withdraw my funds by fiverr revenue card, but after 24 hours, i didn’t receive any email. although my fiverr withdraw status showed that “Withdrawal completed successfully”. I am worried, what should i do now?
  3. They’re the same thing. 🙂 Oh. They are the sme thing… So i have to payonner master card?
  4. But i want fiverr revenue card, not payoneer master card…
  5. I have contacted to Payoneer. They said " We will no longer provide you with our services, the account is closed, Please contact Fiverr for further assistance" :’(
  6. Hi, My problem is pretty weird and rare… My payoneer account Block. that’s why I can’t withdraw my payment. My Fiverr Revenue Card option in withdrawal method is still stuck with the Old account, and if i hover my mouse pointer on it, it says “Waiting for card issuer approval”. I contacted fiverr for this, but they said to Contact with Payoneer for this. Can anyone help me with this, How can i enable the Fiverr Revenue card option to Withdraw money through my new account?
  7. Thanks for the tips. Can you provide me facebook or social media groups where i will be promoted my gig… Thanks 🙂
  8. I think so. Because i have never seen it before
  9. Feeling pity for buyers. How can Buyers handle it 😕
  10. I have found 245 Active buyer request, first time in the history of fiverr… Can’t believe on my eyes 😲
  11. Well. All buyers are genuine. They just don’t want to take risk when the seller is new. Small amounts will lead you to Large amount. Be patience 🙂
  12. Don’t do it. You are a seller… Be Professional 🙂
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