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  1. Payoneer gives option to use your local bank instead of keeping it in Payoneer. Ones you keep in Payoneer then it means your are using card. This case you will be charged annually. Back or JazzCash is your best option to avoid annual fee.
  2. Assalamualaikum to all brother and sisters. I am sharing small information maybe that will help the newbies here. Everybody here in Pakistan uses Payoneer bank or Fiverr revenue card. From their we transfer to our bank account. Year ago JazzCash also introduced itself to Payoneer and now you have another option to withdraw with. So people uses bank and new users uses JazzCash and then we have some people uses PayPal using their friend PayPal who lives outside Pakistan. Now this May2021 Payoneer says you can’t withdraw less than $150 (some says $100) to your bank account. I personally get $150 email but I totally understand if someone gets $100 limitation email. BUT Payoneer also mentioned that you have an option to withdraw less amount through JazzCash or Faisal Bank. Hope this helps and if I missed anything please do let me know here. Everybody here is try to help each other so please be polite. Thanks, Sherkhannabi
  3. It usually says 1 to 3 days but I get in 10 to 20 minutes and sometime more.
  4. That “Bank Transfer” option still went to Payoneer and then they deposit to your bank directly. I don’t remember the benefits but yes, You do safe some Benjamin at the end 🙂 I did shop on Aliexpress before using Payoneer but i can’t do that now 😦
  5. Yes, Indeed this is but for the last few months i am using “Bank Transfer” option instead of “Fiverr Revenue Card” and that works quicker. I thought this option is available only for US but it’s working fine for me.
  6. I usually withdraw more than 200 but i think it should do $50 minimum.
  7. Yes, They mentioned So how can one take this test?
  8. In case If your card is about to expire then order a new one and fiverr will connect to that automatically and if not then you can follow the same process that you did first time.
  9. This is how you can take a test Take and Test Link
  10. Hi guys and i solved my problem so in case you didn’t and want to know this is what i did After a live chat with payoneer and it was 1 and half hour long. At the end he told me that everything here in payoneer side is perfectly fine. After a few days talk to fiverr CS they told me that everything on fiverr side is clear Okay so this is what i did I went to the earning page and click the bank transfer option (If your country is not on the bank list then use fiverr revenue card option) It gave me the verification code and after adding 4 digit code it gave me a link to sign up for payoneer card. At that page You will also see already have a Payoneer account Click Here on the top right side. That’s it. I click that and sign in to payoneer and it was done.
  11. Right now I am facing error so if error is gone then I will be able to tell if that’s fiverr or payoneer Error is Network Problem You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*. Please try again later. fiverr
  12. I am facing the same error and my number is verified and if I use fiverr app then it tries to withdraw with PayPal I also tried new browser plus waited week but still facing same error Network Problem You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*. Please try again later.
  13. I always use Fiverr Revenue Card but this time its sending me code.
  14. I am also facing this problem. I am using payoneer for more than 2 years and now when i want to withdraw fiverr sending me code to my cellphone and then email like you have. How to withdraw now?
  15. Clone per se is wrong and that’s why your gig is removed but this terms is also used for backing up the site (which i didn’t know) then it’s best to use “clone websites like backing up” in your gig title so fiverr don’t remove it in future.
  16. Congratulations for a 4k reviews in advance. Thanks for sharing it and looking forward for 8k.
  17. You can’t. Only PayPal and Payoneer is your option. I did 😎
  18. I think it means to maintain the requirements of TRS
  19. It’s working fine for me here. If only fiverr is loading slowly then i think it should be updating issue which usually fiverr give heads up.
  20. And i am confused 😕 Is it like fiverr pro?
  21. Sorry that it’s happening to you and I am a seller and i do sell my work here but if the project is complicated like i can’t do it or i can but not in the time frame or the budget is low then in these cases i don’t take that job. There is another case where buyer or seller has problem explaining or understanding the project then there is that. I din’t read all the answers so sorry if i missed anything.
  22. I know it’s 2 months old post but i am facing same problem after switching to android. Before i was using iPhone and all the notifications were receiving on time but now that i switched to Samsung i am getting delayed notifications. I found out that android OS do this to save battery and stuff so i went to the setting and set fiverr app so it can get notifications without delaying. It’s working fine but today it missed some messages. Do you guys facing the same problem on android?
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