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  1. Hello everyone. I’m having the same issue. I’ll report back if I find a fix. Please post if you’ve found one. Edit: Clear all cache/cookies from your browser and reset your password. Then close your browser. Wait a few minutes (You can keep checking though) and it should go back to normal withdrawal button.
  2. How many competitors you have for your gig definitely plays a part, as well as how niche specific your gig is. For example if your gig title is “I will design a logo” then this method may not bring as much traffic as it could. However if your gig title is “I will design a RETRO Title Logo for your Gaming Youtube channel” then it would work great! Or even more niche specific with something like “I will promote your dairy farm” - You would rank highly on Google after using the method above. And EVERY dairy farmer on the planet would go to your gig. If the above strategy doesn’t work for you, there may be a problem with your gig title, description,ect. Try to analyze and fix your gig. If you can’t invest any money into it then go through the checklist. Do I have a gig video? Have I gotten any feedback lately that my gig description may not be as clear as I think it is? Is my gig video up on Youtube? Did I post on Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Linkedin? You don’t have to spend hours a day on the Social Networks, just leave an update/reminder every once in a while. I have hundreds of different ways to promote a Fiverr gig that I haven’t even gotten to yet for my gigs. One of my favorite ideas that I’d love to get to is: Make a video talking or going through your gig on Youtube. If you make a logo, then talk about your design process. SHOW THEM WHAT THEY ARE GETTING in the delivery. Go through the zip file. ect. And possibly even link it in the gig description.
  3. Thanks! It seems like such a little thing to do, but it brings in SO MUCH MORE traffic!
  4. Here’s a little advanced tip, I hope it helps: Create a blog JUST based on your Fiverr gigs, and make sure it doesn’t like to any outside information besides to your Fiverr gigs. Every time you create a new gig “write” an article. When I say “write” I mean just post the same video you used in your Fiverr gig (Uploaded to Youtube). Copy/Paste your gig description to the article. (And possibly utilize that extra writing space in the article and title of the article. The title should be nearly identical to your gig title) How here’s the kicker. After you upload a single gig, Find a good Fiverr gig that does a little bit of everything SEO wise. I would opt for 20 QUALITY backlinks, a few youtube comments, and a few youtube views, ect. The success of this may depend on your gig title, but this should be the end-all of promotion.
  5. Reply to @tn5rr2012: Really Fantastic information tn5rr2012 You always give great advice, and the way your online presence is set-up never fails to impress me
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