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  1. No they won’t flag your gig unless it’s copied from someone else or violating any fiverr TOS
  2. Don’t use “convert” & “interview” as a tags, use “Podcast interview” , “:convert podcast” , or you can simply start typing podcast and fiverr will automatically give you suggestions…I hope that helps
  3. I agree on your points…i saw some Level 1 seller giving tips here, who merely have 10-20 reviews… .and i’ll follow your other tips too…thanks 🙂
  4. I saw your gig, and i think you need to change your tags, use these : logo design, designer, professional logo
  5. Well this post is for those who don’t know, i assume you already know this, and there is not a single service on fiverr which one person can is unique to…there’s lot of competition on fiverr, this post is for helping sellers who don’t know about this…
  6. You need to update your meta tags and keywords on a timely basis, keep experimenting till you see the end results and if that doesn’t work, create a new gig
  7. No , images name won’t help here on fiverr , but yes the description will
  8. Thanks for the tips and Cheers for your milestone and success story
  9. I wasjust giving an Example… Manipulating keywords is upto you… You can use any keywords you like …they just have to be related to your gig title and af least one or two keywords must contain words which are in your Gigs title
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