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  1. I usually maintain quite a good response time on my profile. On average, it is an hour or less. However, recently, most of my messages have come overnight - that means that I am asleep when they are sent by the buyers. This quickly reduced my response time to 8 hours, with a nice little red circle telling me to become more available. I can see the benefit of response times for the “Available Now” function, but in fairness, if you are providing a service from a different country with buyers mainly coming from different time-zones, then maintaining that response time for consideration come “evaluation date”, becomes near impossible. Also, I notice that my “respond to queries” rate is also at 40%, when in the past 60 days I was mostly on extended vacation, and now that I have activated my profile and am fully available, it seems that a lack of “queries and messages” during this time makes it near impossible to restore this response rate. I maintain a 100% positive rating, 0 cancellations during the review period, and delivery on time. I have 5 star reviews on all my deliveries. So, in fairness, I stand to be penalized for two issues that I can do very little about at this point in time. I am assuming that the rating will be automated, since only TOP RATED sellers are manually selected once they have achieved that $20k sales mark. Due to the nature of my gigs, I seldom get queries about them prior to orders, and once I have made delivery on gigs I respond to questions in a prompt fashion. Can Fiverr not adjust response time requirements to within 12 hours for new messages, and perhaps look at the algorithm that is applied to responding to messages - as it is clear that I responded to all the messages I received during the past 60 days but for some reason this is not adequate to adjust the rating. I honestly do not want to see my rating reduced for things I have little control over. Perhaps they can allow automated replies to new messages, with a requirement that a manual reply be done as follow-up to the automated reply within 8 hours or so. They have to allow for global timezone differences if this is going to be a requirement to maintain your rating. Messages and replies relate to the rating for both response time and responses to queries and would eliminate a scoring issue that may be biased to sellers outside of the US.
  2. That would be way too easy to abuse, not to mention that Fiverr doesn’t have enough staff to check every flag (and how would they check it, demand that the seller does a long test?). Granted. But other sections are open for abuse as well. I had a gig for anonymous reviews externally removed by Customer Support as someone complained that I am not providing impartial reviews. Yet, many other gigs that are exactly the same remain listed. So if I can be reported by someone for a positive external review that is anonymous (now let us guess how they would connect my profile to that review) then the entire site is open to abuse.
  3. Indeed, Fiverr was intended as a fun zone. It is not fun though when sellers have to battle through basic communications to get something done. Fiverr adds to my bottomline considerably, yet I feel little things could improve the overall experience on the site. I did ask the question expecting diverse opinions though and I would consider your objections valid as well. Have you noticed that even mutual cancellations pop up a warning about how it affects your completion rate and placement in search results. As unappealing as quick tests sound, I find being forced to cancel orders just as unpleasant and if I tell people to contact me before ordering that also deters them from placing orders.
  4. I had both buyers and sellers in mind, but on a larger scale buyers. It is easier to have people do these quick checks when they create accounts, but there as with anything they can cheat. Today, I will need to have customer support rremove an order that is waiting on buyer instructions and where the buyer seems to not understand anything I am trying to do to get him to submit requirements to start the gig - for almost a month already.
  5. Perhaps I am just not paying attention, but is there a way to check reviews on a buyer given by sellers? I have encountered it once or twice when I ordered gigs, but more often when people buy my gigs.
  6. Granted. Just had a funny thought though. I have received messages from people that makes absolute sense, and then when I receive an order it is as though I am speaking to someone entirely different. Perhaps I am simply encountering individuals that shapeshift at midnight and assume the vernacular from a previous life for the duration of the gig. 😄
  7. Perhaps a red tick, if sellers are allowed to flag languages on profiles that cannot actually be spoken, read or comprehended if you realize during a gig that the buyer misrepresented their ability to communicate clearly.
  8. Then perhaps we should have an option to flag a language on their profile that they are clearly not fluent in.
  9. I agree. Yet it is difficult when a gig is active and the difficulty in understanding the requirements kicks in.
  10. True. English was an example. The basic skills could be for any language that you choose for your profile. I am not English either, yet 99% of my clients are and I can just imagine what my ratings would be like if I couldn’t communicate. In the end Fiverr loses buyer interest and everybody gets nailed on the bottomline.
  11. As a buyer AND seller, I would not mind answering basic questions as part of setting up my profile. As it stands, something needs to be done to bridge the gap caused by info getting lost in translation.
  12. I am sure everyone have had this experience, and this was discussed before on here. Is there no way that Fiverr can do a very simple and basic language test on people when they indicate they speak a language and then add a “green tick” next to it as verified. Buyers or sellers could choose to do the test or not, and the green tick would only indicate that it was done. I have had several instances where someone lists English as their only spoken language, and it is immediately clear when you receive the order that it is not and it leads to misunderstandings. It could be a simple 10 question test, with perhaps 5 multiple choice answers and a time limit to complete the test once you start to prevent them from going on “google translate” before answering. Perhaps even a set of 5 alternative sets of questions, to prevent them from copying the questions and then re-attempting to complete the test later. Just a thought, because not only does it affect communication but it affects everyone’s bottom-line eventually, including Fiverr’s revenue potential.
  13. I have had a similar experience with a client before. The bad rating was removed by Customer Support after I sent them a screenshot of the conversation. Although they removed the feedback, it did not change the rating on the overall system. However, I am comfortable with that as I have a very strong rating and a single bad rating does not affect you overall. I even included screenshots where this person tried to cause issues for me elsewhere on the internet, and included that in the screenshots I sent to Customer Support. Even the other internet platforms removed this person’s comments after I proved that I had done nothing wrong and he was trying to blackmail me into providing a service that I was not prepared to provide. Don’t let this trouble you - report it to Customer Support and even if they do not respond, reply to the bad rating with your own review and say something like: “I am sorry that I could not accept your new gig request due to the short delivery time you required and that it caused you to adjust this rating that you previously rated as a 5 star experience”.
  14. Fiverr wants us in their life. Our gigs deliver the revenue. We pay fees, they add processing fees, they want us to use them outside of Fiverr to expose our services, and what we receive in return is a certain amount of impressions when people search for gigs. Sure, I make some money on here but I am irritated by their “arrogance” that seems to mimic guys like Facebook that you just can’t speak to directly. If you log CS tickets, you go “into the queue”, etc etc. Recently I couldn’t even get a response to a technical glitch during a “live gig”, so the timer was ticking away and I was in a queue somewhere trying to resolve a technical issue preventing the client from submitting certain parts of info. This new “response time” gadget dropped from 100% to 67% when it got implemented, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. Like you said in the main post, I respond to actual buyers immediately and I get great reviews - so this little gadget of theirs makes no sense. I am sick of responding to spammers - and these quick responses still takes time to send. Maybe, and that is a huge maybe, it could be supported if it resulted in inactive sellers being put on “automatic vacation” so that active sellers could get more exposure, but we all know the chances of that happening. So the feature serves absolutely no purpose. I am 100% with you - they should get rid of it. Also, response times is being affected by this crap. Because I don’t respond to spam messages immediately - or at least didn’t do so in the last 30 days, I have a 9 hour average response time on my profile while I know that I don’t keep people waiting that long. I have the app downloaded and I respond to real buyers much faster as I obviously want their business again. If I myself go looking at gigs, I take that “response time” into account if I am in a hurry. So shelve it, shove it, ship it - do whatever they want with it, but get it out of our faces.
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