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  1. Thank you for supporting me. I contacted CS and they said it was an issue from their side. 😃
  2. That´s a pretty nice invitation to ask the people who most probably know best what the issue is, I´d just take them up on it. CS restored my level said it was an issue from their side. 😃
  3. I contacted CS, and they said it was an issue from their side. 😀
  4. Hi, you know what I contacted CS, and they said it was an issue from their side. 😀
  5. That´s a pretty nice invitation to ask the people who most probably know best what the issue is, I´d just take them up on it. I have sent them a mail regarding the same. I hope they will directly point me toward what the exact issue was.
  6. I honestly don’t know and no I haven’t done any of those things but yes once maybe and that too after client’s confirmation and proper permission.
  7. Pausing your gigs will not help you, you’ll just be stuck at whatever level they demoted you to until you raise your stats. This is probably the cause. To maintain Level 1 or Level 2 status, you must maintain certain “Orders Completed” and “Delivered On Time” percentages. Maybe someone here knows the exact numbers, but they are definitely above 90%. The only way to raise your stats is to keep working (deliver on time and do not cancel any more orders). What does “Order Delivery Violation” mean? Only the time issue but in that case also, I have got it improved within a week? @frank_d above mentioned, “someone is might have reported”? Can that be a case? Also, will my new delivery and activity be counted into consideration for my good standing account or previous delivered orders too can cause the problem again? (because I don’t have any clue what’s going wrong.)
  8. And I have done none of them. Yup the delivery percentage was down to 82% because of client replying late but then I got it improved to 89%Used to because client always replies late but not taking any extensions lately.I have always delivered what I have promised.And that’s why it is making me sad over what is happening. Should I pause my active gigs for few weeks?
  9. Hello, This work is important for me, I am taking care of my 5 members family with this, if I won’t have this I will be broke and won’t be able to provide them food. Recently, I got the second warning on the same issue, and I couldn’t understand where am I going wrong? Can anybody explain it to me please, in case I am missing out something? :frowning_face: Please help and tell me what should I do to avoid this. 🙏 UPDATED I contacted customer support and they restored my level. When I asked what was the reason for the same and if my account is in good standing now. They replied this 😀 I recommend everyone to contact customer support if you get any similar warning for no proper reasons. As it might be possible that it’s merely a technical issue. Thank you every person here for supporting me and helping me. ❤️
  10. Hi Folks, Today I got a reminder from Fiverr saying. - "To provide a pleasant buyer experience, we ask that you deliver the specific work requested and within the agreed upon time frame. Failing to do so hurts our community and the shopping experience. For more information, please review our Terms of Service. This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level." My delivery time percentage is 82%. But that percentage is less not because I have delivered work late, it is because client responded late and taken time in providing all the requirement while the countdown timer is ticking. During any problem in starting the work and completing the requirement clients take a lot of time to revert back that doesn’t mean they want to cancel the order, and if I am sending them cancellation request, they get offended. Now my concern is, Is it my mistake? If Yes, what should I do to avoid it? Cancel every order? (because most the clients take time in completing the gig’s requirement especially in social media marketing job) If I will cancel every order then that will increase the percentage of cancellation rate, which is again bad for business and account.
  11. I don’t think so, a lot of gigs I have seen are ranking on top without even mentioning of keywords in the description at all. I’m still figuring out how Fiverr rank gigs, most probably, top rankings are manual. Alternatively, gigs in a particular set (per se first 8 ranking gigs and then another half full page ranking gigs in order) rotate in a cycle. Like first 8 ranking and then all the below. But I very much feel that Fiverr ranking can’t be fully manipulated to show up on the top, it depends on lots of factors and it’s manual too. For example, new gigs being promoted for few days (like given chance), first 8 ranking gigs circulation from 1st to 8th position and the below ones. etc.
  12. It just keeps getting worse. Fiverr soon need to set some strict rule for them as well.
  13. Congratulations, happy for you now. Tell us more about it tho; What happened? and how exactly did you get your money back? 🙂
  14. Yes… no way for us to save ourselves from scamming buyers. 😢
  15. I can relate to all that you said. And totally agree on points, resellers are great to work with. And yes it’s a hectic to work with buyers who comes with unrealistic expectations and they are a lot in numbers like most of them come to us with unrealistic expectations. The funny thing is, when you will give them free consultation and try to logically explain them why it is unrealistic and what they should be doing or expecting they go away. Apparently, those are the buyers who get scammed. For example, I get lots of buyers query who want to rank first on Google’s SERP for $5 or $50 per month within 3 months for the most competitive keywords (the keywords for which big brands probably invest thousands and millions on) 😅
  16. Yeah I agree, I too have had less to no problem with outsourcers.
  17. Wouldn’t it be a lot of work and even if sellers get to know the names of scamming buyers, eventually they will forget it after some time. It needs to be something like a big wall with the names on it, example a thread where one can find the names with one click. I liked what @fonthaunt said, Fiverr related Facebook groups focused on revealing such buyers can be the best alternative way.
  18. You have strong points. I’m thinking the poster won’t be able to take the help of friends if it will be like dispute, posting full proofs, instead of posting logical allegation against the buyer.
  19. But the scammers are few right? What if this thread we collect enough data over time? It might be helpful, at least this thread can motivate those who are scammed. No?
  20. We all know that it’s very hectic to deal with scams when it comes to buyers doing it. The most common reason for this is Fiverr do not as smoothly support us as they support buyers. The least they do is ask us to cancel the gig anyway, so even after a dispute or contacting CS and proofs, our hard work goes in vain. So, why can’t we help each other instead and at least be aware of such buyers? Why don’t we report them here in the thread so that whenever one of us get skeptic about the buyer, we can Ctrl + F (find) that buyer username here and see if the buyer is in the list and rest assured? Moreover, if the buyer is cheating any one of us, we can report them with all the evidence here in your thread reply? So, if you think this is something would work better. Do contribute to this initiative or share your thoughts.
  21. Hey buddy, try changing it back to as it was before the changes and see if it’s working. But experiment it if only if you aren’t getting any views or conversion right now.
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