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  1. Congratulations on your achievement! I wish you success in future.
  2. Don't worry! Complete some orders successfully. Good works and buyer reviews may be upgrading your position.
  3. The seller's face is the best as the profile picture. Buyers like to see the seller.
  4. If the buyer has an appreciation of your work, he will give a Tip. Congratulations!
  5. Just be patient. Think about buyers' satisfaction.
  6. Thanks, for sharing your experience on upgrading of Gig Rank.
  7. More useful information in the post. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have also some experience like that buyers.
  9. I have to get the same notification on my gig form the past weeks or so. I wonder if anything is wrong with the system or is there a problem with myself and also not to get any order yet. How I resolve this?
  10. Please clear your browser cache and restart the browser.
  11. Please clear your browser cache and restart your browser.
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