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  1. with all due respect you have 3 reviews and you are already down to a 4.7 rating what exactly qualifies you to give information like this
  2. you shouldnt even be using telegram for a start you are lucky they didnt give you a second warning for that and it looks like you delivered via telegram rather than fiverr
  3. This is hilarious someone mentions promoted gigs not working well and fiverr staff instantly appear like magic... Where have you been regarding the spam issues mentioned thousands of times over the last few months
  4. How else..... He does 2 week fast track course... 0 - Expert in 2 weeks guaranteed for just 2000 Indian rupees
  5. I'm trying but failing to understand the logic a degree level civil engineer with 6 years experience in cad there are much more lucrative income sources then fiverr.. If the qualifications are real that is even a company would pay more than fiverr I'm sorry to tell you but any reputable company isn't going to trust their companies time and money on plans drawn up from some random bloke on fiverr with 0 accountability when things go wrong
  6. Every top rated seller here knows 24 hours a day online is not enough... You need to be online at LEAST 32 hours a day and 38 days a month.. any less = NO SALES..... If you fall asleep for even a minute during your first 3 months on fiverr they de rank you immediately... It is also a requirement to spam the forum with useless rubbish at least 20 times a day or - NO SALES Also unless you have everyone on fiverr praying for you...... you guessed it - NO SALES
  7. Why would he need to practice by his own words he is an expert already for the last 5 years you lot really are one big joke "Hi, I am professional Digital Marketing and Graphics design expert. I have skill with 5 years experience. I am expert in B2B lead generation, Social media marketing and Manager"
  8. surely you should of had the skills just to sign up to fiverr in the first place.... Fiverr isn't an online university you realise that right?
  9. is this pray for me crap still going on... I thought this was being stopped
  10. this place is honestly pathetic.... its now turned into a payday loan service for some sellers... it literally just encourages the bad sellers
  11. You will never make fiverr pro you are in digital marketing yet you cant market your own products why would fiverr even consider you for fiverr pro?
  12. If you did what the buyer asked then your job is complete I wouldn't redesign a site for a second time for free
  13. Yeah ill solve this YOU ARE FROM PAKISTAN and trying to use an online service number to give the impression you are from the United States
  14. Was the buyer who massaged you good looking? I wouldn't mind buyers like this
  15. Yes I have had 2 injections of the pfizer vaccine I had no side effects at all
  16. yes I understand why its happening I really do.. And no doubt if I lived in Bangladesh I would be doing the same But you are better putting your efforts into a unique gig and offering unique services unfortunately Bangladeshi web design and digital marketing is saturated at the moment
  17. Sorry to be harsh mate but its saturated with you all at the moment this is why you are all fighting for sales
  18. How would we know.. You are the one who went to university to do marketing and are a professional at it? You are the expert ............................................. apparently
  19. And editing it now makes no difference either so dont turn in 5 minutes saying its not the same
  20. Yeah how about dont steal others gigs You are a thief just like every other Bangladeshi seller that turns up here.... In the nicest way possible piss off its getting old https://www.fiverr.com/jassydua/remove-wordpress-malware-removal-recover-hacked-wordpress-virus-security
  21. That is ok until you find out he actually stole the samples off somebody else like lots do and he cant speak English The truth is this year new sellers can't be trusted.... I'd love to say its the minority spoiling it for the majority... But in reality this year it seems like 90% of new sellers are frauds or expert pros with no experience
  22. why would you want to extend an order 10 times
  23. I had the exact same thing recently.. He ordered a one page website and then asked for 4..... I did the same as you completed 4 pages just to avoid the cancellation.... Then he came back asking for even more and stupid revisions for pages he hadn't even paid for in the first place. I deleted the whole website so fast he couldn't get another word in and then he was moaning about it being deleted and asking for it back saying he was happy
  24. Yeah it is worse for new sellers you will get there eventually just keep delivering orders
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