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  1. I also wrote in my description that for a large amount of word the customer has to contact me first but… again quoting myself. Wouldn’t be easier for everyone? 🙂
  2. Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I don’t see why I have to set a 10 days delivery just in case someone will buy some day a 10 gig order. I could set a higher delivery time, but I don’t want my sales to be affected if the problem can be fixed 🙂
  3. Oh thanks, I tryed to search for a similar thread but I couldn’t find it!
  4. Hey everyone, I have a writing gig, 500 words in 24 hours. A couple of weeks ago I received an order for 10xbasic gig which meant 5.000 words. The thing is,if you set the delivery time for basic gig at 24hours and a customer buys 10 gigs all in once, the time still remains 24 hours. I know, there are packs, but maybe the users new to Fiver don’t know; and I know, I can explain the customer, send a request for adding more days and wait for him to accept and that’s exactly what I did with that particular customer. But I want to ask, is there any option that maybe I’m not aware of, to limit the numbers of gig a person can buy in one time? If not, wouldn’t be possible to implement an option that makes the time automatically increase when more than one gig is selected? Or show a message saying to the customer to buy the corresponding gig? Thanks!
  5. Heh, it happens to me a lot too. Unfortunately you are not the only one applying and the buyer may have chosen someone else. It also depends when you send the request: if the buyer already has 20+ offers (you can see how many offers he has received), he probably already hired someone. Or maybe your offer isn’t appealing. Try to improve what you write in your offer. I constantly try to improve myself; even the tiniest of changes may do the difference! Just keep trying! 🙂
  6. It finally happened. My first 4.4 reviw. It’s a good review and the customer is satisfied. He just put 3 stars on “will you order again or recommend”. And it makes sense. I mean, the gig was “I will write your message on my lips” and I suppose he won’t need any other message written on my lips. So, here I am. My first 4.4 review, I’m happy with it and I survived 🙂 Don’t freak out if (when) it happens, just try to understand why you got such a review and try to improve your gigs if you can.
  7. I didn’t think of that, about not having money for tipping after accepting the gig. If they are regular sellers and they did a good work maybe it isn’t “for no reason”. If you tipped a random person you never bough a gig from, then that may sound a bit weird. (not to me, if you are feeling like tipping random stranger, please, consider me! lol JK)
  8. Yes, it’s impossible that all buyer’s request can be checked by people. That’s why I think a “report button” would help.
  9. I think the seller was very clever starting with “I need someone to”.
  10. He’ll buy a 6$ gig. But that’s not the point 😛
  11. Already done 🙂 but I suppose it’ll take a while before Customer Support reads my report. That’s why I think it would be useful a “report button” on buyer’s request as well.
  12. What is wrong with people? There is a buyer’s request in the “virtual assistant” category where a seller offers to buy a 6$ gig IF you buy him a 5$ gig first and leave him a 5 star review. After he delivers his gig he will buy a 6$ gig to “return the favor”. Just a way to obtain 5 star reviews paying 1$ for them. I don’t think tha’ts fair for all the hard working seller here on Fiverr. Here’s what he wrote: “I need someone to leave a positive 5 star rating on my gig, here it goes, you will order a $5 gig from me and I will complete your order, and you will leave some positive rating on my gig. I’ll also order a $6 gig from you to return your money” I noticed that buyer’s request don’t have a “report” button like the private messages. I think it would be very useful in cases like this one. (BTW he already has 16 offers)
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