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  1. Just to put this in perspective, that seems to be the only thing that “Top Buyer” means. The rudest buyer, or maybe person at all that I ever encountered here, was a “Top Buyer”, and I wouldn’t have worked with him after his tantrum, even if he’d suddenly decided to want to pay 2x or 10x or 100x the actual amount. I’ve worked and work with many awesome people who are Top Buyers, though, and I don’t judge other Top Buyers, or Fiverr, based on that experience. One bad experience shouldn’t decide if you use a platform that generally seems advantageous for you. Yes I’ve worked with great sellers too. I’ve managed to find someone locally to do the job so ultimately rudeness doesn’t work.
  2. Though it does sometimes say “Top Buyer” next to a buyer so you know they have spent enough to earn that (though we don’t know how much that is. I think someone said that could be $100 but it might not be). If the eye-line constantly moving off-camera due to not using a teleprompter is distracting, maybe there might be a way to process/alter the video (especially if high enough res source) so that the eyes can be changed back to the centre - if it wouldn’t be noticeable in the final video. Though maybe it would take too much time/not give good enough results. Unfortunately it’s not possible without weird results. I’ve worked in the industry and no one does that but good try
  3. Thanks everyone for your input This is the sort of thing I needed and it will be the sellers loss elearningproducts.com.au 1_introduction Cheers Michael
  4. I think most professional sellers here would be in total agreement with you, particularly about the rudeness of the seller’s response. There’s no excuse for it, and we’ve certainly never spoken to a client like that (even the small handful that we’ve really wanted to!) The only thing I’d add in regards to your comment about this not being about capability, is that this wasn’t made clear in your original message. I’m not justifying the rude response you then received, but it might at least explain it. We produce videos as well as voice over, and I had someone message a little while ago saying simply “What software do you use?”. I explained (it’s no secret, I use a couple of readily available video packages) and then asked what project they’d like to discuss, to which they replied “Oh no, I’m thinking of getting into the field and wanted to see if I had everything I need.” Fiverr also has a mandated requirement for Sellers that they reply to 100% of the messages that they receive. Failure to do so can result in you being penalised, to the point of losing your seller level. So even for messages where you’re 99% sure it’s not going to lead to a commercial outcome, you still have to reply. It’s for this reason that sellers get a little salty when they feel like they’re being spammed, or having their time wasted (which you of course were not doing - but it seems your seller interpreted it this way). If you mean Fiverr, I’d say no. Keep in mind, this is one seller, and he doesn’t represent the vast majority of us who would have handled this in a far more professional manner. And, like others have said, slightly tweaking your opening approach in terms of being clear that you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, will likely yield much more positive results for you. Thanks for giving me an insight into the sellers issues. I will keep it in mind. Is the seller able to see what the buyers history of spend and jobs is which would at least give some credibility to the buyer.
  5. Yes. I was recently sent a sample of a read an the eyeline was off to one side. It becomes more apparent with tight shots.
  6. I have asked the question in the manner you have suggested, which is can you do the job and the answer is mostly yes but it’s not until you dig deeper that you realise the equipment being used will deliver an inferior result. So I would have to disagree that this is not simply about asking about capability.
  7. Thanks Frank. Perhaps I’m not used to the rules of engagement here. I run a reputable business and when I contact other service providers I get a very professional response so I was caught with this reply which escalated so quickly. I’m sure there are dodgy buyers as people are pointing out. It seems rude to start off on the wrong note though. I wouldn’t have any clients, which lead to these jobs, if I treated them like that. I must be in the wrong place
  8. I thought it was a yes no question I asked which would have been simple to answer
  9. Oh, you wouldn’t believe the amount of nonsense some sellers get in their inbox. Sorry this happened to you. Was the only thing you asked if they used a teleprompter? Without mentioning that you have 2 large jobs that require an Australian accent? I didn’t mention the jobs to the seller. We didn’t get very far and the first response put me off.
  10. My question is because some sellers don’t use a teleprompter but instead use a phone next to the camera. This means you can see the presenters eyeline constantly moving off camera. I think my rating and number of purchases should at least give sellers some confidence in my intention. It was a very simple question and I guess I’m not used to dealing with people like that. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place, who knows
  11. Im an elearning developer and I often use video presenters in my work. I reached out to a person today and asked if he used a teleprompter that sits in front of the lens - I have 2 large jobs requiring an Australian accent. The response I got was: “Im rather busy right at the moment mate - is this in regards to a job you’d like presented or for other purposes” I don’t know what other purpose I may be contacting a seller for so I said… "I use presenters in my elearning but since you’re so busy I wont interrupt your day any further: I then received this unprofessional response… “Great, I hope you don’t waste other sellers time with your useless questions then. Good luck in your search”
  12. its Been a week since my last message to the seller and Fiverr has placed the following in my inbox. Xxxxx is no longer available. Here are great alternatives, selected just for you.
  13. I understand what you are saying and appreciate that no one here knows me. So each person can make their own judgement on this issue but it was important to share and will continue to if I hear any more
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