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  1. Nice.. I may have skipped it because of it's low iMBD rating... but I may have to give it a chance now that you mentioned it.. appreciate the share 🙂 Hahaha.. ya I was surprised at how they managed to get the perfect doppelgangers to play the role of these serial killers... that itself was mindblowing.. for me it was when Ford visited Ed in the hospital, that gave me chills.. dang.. I know the feeling.. Happened with The OA.. that was one of my favorites and was supposed to be 5 seasons long till Netflix decided to cancel it just after 2 seasons.. on the other hand, they have no issues with housing Lucifer... I mean Lucifer's nice fun show don't get me wrong but cancelling The OA? 😑 I just didn't understand what happened there as with most of these cancellations.. Now that I think of it.. there's a show called "Taboo" *ing Tom Hardy that I absolutely enjoyed, I would place it at the top of my list really... and Barry *ing Bill Hader.. these were good too..
  2. Sure 👍 Arigato zeus777-san 🙏 if you like serious crime shows do give Mindhunter a watch if you haven't already.. Since it's based on real events, it's ya somewhat unsettling 😨
  3. Haha ya the English version is based on the Belgian one with the same name.. Guess the original one is 3 seasons long, am still only done with the first of both the versions.. Loved them both haha.. Haven't watched Death in Paradise yet, might check that one out..
  4. Ya it's good, yet to catch up on season 2.. Loved this one. Which one did you watch though? The Belgian or the English version of it?
  5. Oh, just took it off my watch list.. xD
  6. I love K-Dramas, can't stop watching them.. A variant of Goblin is Black (it's fantasy too like Goblin), do check it out if you haven't already.. The rest of the list looks good.. The Queen's Gambit and The Crown are in my watch list, yet to see those..
  7. Wow.. And the video was funny 🤣 My favorites (in no specific order): Sneaky Pete House MD Rectify Better Call Saul Life (starring Damien Lewis) Peaky Blinders Billions The Terror Chernobyl Amongst others lol
  8. Dang. Now I might watch these again along with Better Call Saul and House MD..
  9. I beg to differ 😑 I see a fish drinking water, a yacht and what looks like a frog 😑
  10. You might want to contact Payoneer's support team to find out why your account was blocked.. Usually they get these sort of issues resolved over chat itself.
  11. Women.. play.. hero... world.. 🤔 loading. .. loading... loading.. system crashed 😞
  12. Sorry to hear about your experience. Personally, I would have gone for a revision or would have just contacted customer support, expressed my grievances and maybe even asked for a refund if I was really dissatisfied with their services rather than accepting the delivery. It's your time and money end of the day..
  13. Dang.. that's a bummer, maybe try this? https://www.howtogeek.com/702982/how-to-launch-the-intel-version-of-a-universal-mac-app-on-apple-silicon/
  14. A little bit more to the left till your hand touches the edge of that tube, you will get the knock.. 😂
  15. So it's solved again while I was drafting a post? 😑 whoever said slow and steady wins the race 😑
  16. Reading up through here I was like "NSFW puzzle? 😳" and then you said And then I was like "oh okay phew 😅"
  17. So let me get this straight... between the time I congratulated you and now, you already posted the new emoji puzzle and @theratypist solved it? Already? I mean what just happened 😑 Well we now have one good reason to be online 24/7 😑
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