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  1. The strangest thing ever is when you are trying to contact the seller after the seller miss the delivery time and seller doesn’t contact you back so you cancel the order then they see the bad feedback and directly contact you! What do you say about that?
  2. What do you mean about other people? Sellers or buyers?
  3. so why do sellers ask you to edit your rating from example 4 stars --> 5 stars rating? or demand you to remove your bad feedback?
  4. A buyer has there right to choose that they rate 3 stars and write “Great, I love your work” and when the seller wants you to edit your rating that its seems that you are getting force to do it!
  5. If the seller ask you to Edit or remove your bad feedback don´t do it! Like i said in my latest topic that sellers here are here for “5 Stars and Good Feedback” if you rate 4 star and a good feedback the seller want you to edit it to a 5 stars. No matter you rate under 5 stars the always wants you to edit it, and if you rate really a bad = 1 star and bad feedback they want you to remove it immediately , they will do anyting for you for you to remove it. So don´t do it. STAND UP for your Rating and Feedback this is to buyers and sellers!!!
  6. Sorry for my english Hi I have noticed that some of fiverr Sellers are just looking for 5 stars and good feedback here. I understand good rates good feedbacks create more customers, but why? If you really do a great job you will earn 5 stars and good feedback, but if you don´t you will get less rate and feedback, And you have to accepted it.I have experienced that if i wasnt so satisfied with the service i rate 3-4 stars put the seller demand me to change to 5 stars. And then later says to me " I dont care about 5 stars" SO why do the ask me to change it?!? And when a sellers have completed the order the leave you a message: “Thanks for ordering, PLEASE rate 5 stars and good feedback and also give a great tip” Everytime I see that i almost dont want to give top stars, because and don´t want to be force to do it. You almost see just good feedbacks and 5 stars on every sellers rate. You dont often see 1-4 stars here. Have you guys experienced this too?
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