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  1. Hello Designers Can you give me some tips about how I getting an order on Fiverr? I try to work with on Logo design but after a good title, keyword research, social media sharing and send buyer request also I don’t get orders.So What can I do now? I am waiting for “Promote gig” but can’t get again. Hope I get some good suggestion here.Thanks.
  2. Can you tell me about the ranking gig? I did a lot of things but can’t rank my gig. Try to put a good title and description, Tags, good relation with the buyer, quick response, share gig on social media but still no response.
  3. I think it’s better if we discuss some tips here. My friend tells me that, I don’t believe them and that’s why I ask here. Is that any problem.
  4. Oh, so you have something to hide? no, not definitely not…If I thought it’s my mistakes then what will I do?That’s why I want to learn this.
  5. Yes, It’s my one only, I am talking about to delete full discussion. 🙂
  6. No idea what you mean by this I’m afraid. However, your username is fine! You know your friend you mentioned - he/she wouldn’t happen to be on a forum/FB group which promises to show you how to be successful on Fiverr would he/she? If so, ignore everything they say, and just do your best! Where i say that i am afraid?
  7. I am not telling delete this one. I am new on this forum so I need to know.
  8. Pls, tell me how can I remove fiver forum topic. I can’t find any options here.
  9. Many things are happing when someone goes for tips anyone.What about my username.Is that okay?
  10. Hello Designer’s I listened to the friend and read some article that profile name and profile photo are matter. They want to say women’s photo or women’s name are the matter of getting orders. Is that true? If it is then my profile name is not okay.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I will try to reply those things, can you help me another topic? Is social media marketing is enough for Gig ranking? I do share my gig on social media every day but don’t receive any msg or order.
  12. Hello Can you give me some tips? I can’t reach buyer after hard work. My gig is not in a good position to my specific keyword. What I did so far Level One seller, With all 5-star ratingNo delay delivery timeFull buyer satisfaction, You can understand if you read buyer reviewShare my gig on social media every daySet Tag after keyword researchAttractive gallery photo and titleSend buyer request every daySo what can I do now? What Fiverr said about good ranking I think I did all the thing but I don’t get the result. Many junior designers who came here after me they get “Promote gig” feature but I don’t get yet. Can you tell me how I can get orders? I think you answer me all the point I wrote here.Thanks.
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