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  1. No problem because if your buyer does not accept your delivery, the order will be marked after 3 days automatically.
  2. Really it will helpful for every buyer!
  3. One of my seniors was told me buyers are turn around on the Fiverr forum when they see your activity then rise a chance to get orders.
  4. To get more work you need to follow some steps. I think you need to update your gig 1 or 2 times a month. secondly, you need to use the best keyword in the description. Thirdly you need to apply buyer request regularly. Fourthly you need to grow your activity on the Fiverr forum. I hope if you can maintain those steps you must be got more orders.
  5. Honestly, not all clients think that way. If they thought like you, at the end of the day they would get a lot of good quality work. Your advice is really great.
  6. Thanks for your valuable suggestions!
  7. Thanks for your consult !
  8. How can I increase my gigs impressions very fast?
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