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  1. The reason I believe they do effect my order completed rate is because it seems to say at 80 or 92 or something even when all orders are completed but I may be wrong and will keep watching this. Thank you. But they definitely lowered my rating from a 2 to a 1 and now again to a 0 because of the orders I canceled were two years old and would not respond to my asking for the requirements so I could get started. Someone said this new system change is at fault ? The orders were canceled a little over a month ago.
  2. Hi, I did search but did not find the question or topic. I have finally figured out how to ask a question and also was given a link to the same topic already under discussion. Thank you so much. I appreciate all help for sure !
  3. Thank you misscrystal, I have gone to that thread and replied there too. It is not making sense that we are charged for this type thing that is 100% out of our control. We can not force someone to continue after they buy a gig. If they won’t give us the requirements so the gig can start… Fiverr set up the system to work this way…No requirements…Gig can not start…order will be incomplete… We must have a way to deal with this without being demoted. It does not make sense.
  4. Hi I had 2 orders that never sent Gig requirements and never responded. They were 2 years old and so I canceled them a month ago. My level was 2 it went down to a 1 then at the next evaluation, this month, it went down to O. I have just come back to Fiverr and do not like the way they have made things so hard to figure out. But when I asked them about this not being my fault and being held against me. They said they could not change it. This has happened in the last month so if there is suppose to be some new rule… must not be in our favor or even reasonable. What is going on ? Fiverr use to be very fair to sellers. No one wants to put Fiverr down, we work here, but we need them to be fair to us. You can not pull someones rating down when we have done nothing wrong and it is completely out of our hands.
  5. Hi, when a new buyer pays for your gig after they have talked to you or maybe not, but will not respond to your request for Gig requirements so the gig can start, so you can finish and deliver the gig… and weeks pass. Fiverr shows this as an incomplete order. If you cancel the order because they have never responded and the gig can not start…Fiverr shows this as a canceled order. Both are counted against you and pull down your rating. This has happened to me and I have asked Fiverr to not rate this against me. But they say they can not do that, it has to go against my rating. How is this fair ? I have gone from a Level Two to zero in two months because of this happening.
  6. Hi, I am new to the forum and can not find where you can ask a question for yourself . I only see how to reply to anothers question like I am doing now. Thanks !
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