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  1. Hi, I worked on a project of SquareSpace website. I done all the job and get some changes from clients and then I asked for expanding the delivery time from client. Now I have done the job and their website changes are ready in just 1 day that is before the asking delivery time. While we have discussed already on about this through message. But I didn’t submit the delivery because I am waiting for their acceptance of expanding delivery time otherwise it will show late delivery on my profile. Finally I didn’t get any response from my client and at last I have to submit my delivery on late delivery 😦 Please let me know what we should I do at this type of conditions in future? Regards, Mamta
  2. Yes, it’s matter and this is first impression. I agree with you.
  3. You can wait for your buyer’s review and feedback. If you afraid to cross the deadline then don’t worry you can ask from your buyer to increase the time limit for new changes.
  4. You have to wait. I also got my first sale after long time. But I will suggest you to share your gig on social networks also. I did the same and after some time I got my first sale. Also live online for long time even you can use mobile app for this.
  5. You can edit your Gig price plan and delivery time anytime. I have edited many times and didn’t get any problem even buyers buying my those gigs on regular interval. So don’t worry about it. But I will suggest you one thing is that please finish your active order first, If you are going to change price of that Gig because It will show a bad effect on your active buyer.
  6. I give services. I never purchased any services from others so i am talking about here only for service provider that how they get invoice. Second thing is that i use payoneer to get money.
  7. Number of sales of your gig can put you on top. For that you can give your service at very low cost and can put good thumbnail image on your gig that attract buyer also. When you get good start then you can raise your service cost later.
  8. I have asked invoice some time from Fiverr’s Support members and they helped me very well. I am impressed with their support and service but i think there should be way that seller can download himself for his each invoice because asking from support staff become lengthy process.
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