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  1. Indeed it's amazing, congratulations.. keep it up!
  2. Thank you for trying to give useful tips, but it's not possible to stay 24 hours a day.. I guess you meant as much as possible maybe.
  3. Good tips, thank you for sharing.
  4. He might be new here, but work on other freelancing websites.. advising is always welcomed.
  5. Welcome to Fiverr, as all others above said.. and I will add "enjoy they journey!"✌️
  6. That's good.. keep it up! Best of luck✌️
  7. I know it is late to reply now… after ONE YEAR! But yeah, I sell everything just for 5$ and 10$ and I’m good and satisfied with that actually 😀 I did try to edit my gigs and everything it didn’t work out a lot, but something it did work out is “promoting gigs” here on Fiverr, that was so helpful for me… and I got a lot of new orders.
  8. I didn’t get any order for a whole month! which is frustrating especially now because I expected there would be more orders than usual (I guess I was wrong obviously) but still I’m trying to promote my gigs more and to edit them maybe it will get some more orders in a way somehow. So yeah it’s hard indeed but we can make it somehow I’m sure! ✌️
  9. That’s really amazing video! Unfortunately hadn’t any order since a month 😪 But now I’m working to improve my gigs and to improve my skills.
  10. It’s hard to be not in your country with all these circumstances, so I’m in a whole new country and don’t know what exactly to do in these situations but I guess I’m getting used to it in a way, I’m trying my best to promote my gigs because everyone is almost using internet a lot these days because of staying home all the time, however I’m tying to take advantage of my time too to prepare for Ramadan because it will so soon too! And also to try new things for the first time and improve my already skills, because I believe in improving more than gaining a new thing and be an “intermediate” or “average” on a specific skill. So yeah that’s almost all 😊
  11. Hey Rian! Welcome to our Fiverr family, I hope to enjoy your journey here and I hope to you the best. I have a curious question if you don’t mind, is “Baker” is your last name? if it is I think you are Arabian or something because I am! if you are or aren’t welcome anyway 💙
  12. Alright I get it, and I agree somehow. The problem that some sellers haven’t anything in their profile.
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