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  1. Currently I am working for one of my USA client I already completed 2 of his project .He provided 5 stars feedback for the 1st project but forget to provide feedback for 2nd one and currently I am working on another project of his so in this circumstances could I ask my buyer to provide me a review or feedback for my last project ? If I request him to provide me feedback then what will happen then
  2. I’m sure they have in this case, since the order is marked as complete. The seller is probably just sending the request through the inbox. Yes he is sending request through the inbox.
  3. Recently I completed a project for one of my clients but he did not give me any feedback or review and the order is automatically completed but after some days later he contacted me and now saying that he is not satisfied with my service now I need to create the project again from scratch but the problem is when he first placed the order at that time he was very much irresponsive . If I ask him something then he reply in the next day. So now I want some suggestion from some experience sellers. What should I do now because now he is telling me that if I don’t create the project again according to his requirements then he is going to contact Fiverr support to cancel the order. TIA
  4. My current gig ranked on 1st page even on 1st row. But now if I update my gig description will it effect on my gig? Experienced person’s opinion wanted
  5. I think this problem is every where
  6. I even con not communicate with my buyer properly 😂
  7. I think it’s happening to everyone because I am trying to send some message to my buyer but it is not sent. Don’t know why it’s happening.
  8. Create an unique gig title and an eye catching image. After that share your gig on different social media.
  9. I think most of the newcomer make this type of order request. 😀 When they find the gig title attractive and think this type of job( the gig title) he or she is looking for … That is how they make a mistake. I am also the victim of that type of buyers. :rofl:
  10. Sometimes it happens and you have nothing to do about that 😂 Without asking anything when clients send order request and at that you have to complete that job any ways if you do not want to decrease your job success score. So please put this message "Mentioning please contact me before placing an order " on your gig.
  11. To increase your response time you have to reply your buyer message within 1 hour , doing so it will increase your response rate.
  12. I think she recently joined that’t why she doesn’t know.
  13. If you receive more and more order and get 5 star review as well then your gig will be ranked automatically otherwise It’s really very much difficult to rank a gig on fiverr. So keep hard working and try to give the best service to your clients .
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