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  1. I joined on a whim about 2 years ago, created 3 gigs and forgot about it. Then I got a an order for my family tree gig. I deleted the other 2 gigs and the rest they say is history. Now my reason for being here is much different. Helping people discover their family tree and roots is my big pay off. Getting people into conversations with their own families about their history is so important and I encourage everyone to start talking to your family about your ancestors because there will come a day the family member is gone and so are the stories and information.
  2. One of the things I recently started to do is use the hashtag #WDYTYA on twitter the night an episode airs and also interact with the viewers
  3. My screen name here on FIVERR I specifically credited for Fiverr so if you search it out you will find comments, forums, videos, blog posts etc… but it all links back to Fiverr. I do respond to messages with my real name but other than that everything I do is tn5rr2012
  4. “Now you can ask buyers for a mutual cancellation after the order is complete.” I am a little confused why would would a buyer and/or the seller want to cancel an order after it is completed? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of why we all offer our gigs. You have already delivered the product to the client, why cancel? then they are getting it for free… someone help me out here as I do believe once again I am late for class…
  5. This is awesome @kevinwil. I had several incomplete orders from January that I went ahead and requested a mutual cancellation (I hate forcing anything) … The funny thing is three orders the buyers never replied with information after repeated messages from me. So now I requested 3 mutual cancellations and I kid you not 1 of them was confirmed by the buyer within 10 minutes of my request. I wish I had money to throw away like some of the buyers we all encounter. Good job Fiverr and thanks for listening.
  6. Welcome to Fiverr and we are happy you are here. The buyer would need to go back to the order and edit their own feedback you would not be able to however you can edit your own response/feedback for any particular order. If you still have concerns please feel free to contact Customer Support. Good luck with your gig(s).
  7. I agree with you and that is why I stuck with genealogy.. research and family trees are in my blood and even though I charge for my service I still believe the return for the client is much greater than what I charge. I love genealogy and always have.
  8. No, I usually ad the comment when people speak about marketing their gig(s)
  9. I also have Google alerts set up with keywords for my family tree gig so I can make comments and get the name tn5rr2012 out on the net (i.e this post will show up in an alert tomorrow since tn5rr2012 is one of my keywords)
  10. My first gig is my current family tree gig and it is growing strong
  11. In my honest opinion I don’t think cancellations should matter for this one very reason, Fiverr still has the monies. I had this happen with my family tree gig in the very beginining of my career with Fiverr. Cancellations do not reflect that the buyer gets their money back into their bank acct what it reflects is that Fiverr still has it in their pockets to be used elsewhere on the Fiverr website, so it is a win win situation for Fiverr. I stopped trying to understand the inner components of Fiverr a long time ago and walk on eggshells when it comes to any cancellations (which I try not to do)
  12. Just wanted to drop by and Welcome everyone to Fiverr, pull up a chair, read through the posts and don;t forget to grab a cup of joe!
  13. @woofy31: It is a program created for me by a friend of mine who works at Microsoft in Redmond. He helps me with my software issues and needs. Years ago I would help him test new software concepts that he came up with. So the software and program is not available to the public
  14. I have never used this feature for my family tree gig as I keep track of my orders on a separate program.
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