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  1. Does this seem like carelessness/incompetence on the seller’s part, or intentional?
  2. Thanks so much. How do I report them? How do I get someone to fix the redirects and garbage code?
  3. The seller refuses the cancel the order and wants to fix the problem supposedly. I have had them refuse to cancel the order twice. How do I speak with Fiverr about this?
  4. They’ve completed most of the work, but this order has been such as hassle, extended, putting the hacking problem back on me, but they’ve completed most of the site. I just want to end the job. I don’t have a problem paying them for the project. I just want to be free from this order so I can move on.
  5. Hello. I hired someone on Fiverr who had tons of five star reviews to do a website for me. I didn’t want to do WordPress, but they talked me into it. They’ve been working on it, and there have been some language barrier communications issues. I checked the link to one of the pages this morning, and it lead me to an adult entertainment site. I would check my site one time, and then another and sometimes it would go to my site and then to a random other site. Long story short, I reached out to my host who said my WordPress was infected with Malware and that I would have to pay money to get the malware off my site. Since my web developer is the only person who has had access to the site, they had to have put the malware on there, even if unknowingly. I told them what happened, and their response was, what do you want on your next page. I’ve dealt with all kinds of issues with them, and I’m trying to be patient, I’m ready to end this order, because now I’m going to have to spend more money to fix this problem, or scrap my website and start over for a third time, since I scrapped my last one to do the WordPress. Any advice on how to approach this situation and end this order?
  6. I tried to submit my Order Requirements page and was told “I don’t have permission to do this,” but the person doing my gig says they got the requirements. However, on my end, it says the same thing even when I try another browser and clear my cache, and I’ve tried several times. I can’t complete the order to pay, because I can’t get it to go through, so I’m stuck and can’t do the order. I don’t know how to fix this.
  7. I received an inquiry from a potential customer who has a bunch of questions and trying to negotiate on the price. That’s understandable. If you’re spending money, you want to get the best deal possible and know what you’re getting. However, this person doesn’t seem to want to come to an agreement on a price or what he wants me to do in terms of tutoring him or looking over his work. We keep going back and forth, and I get an instinct that this isn’t someone I want to work with since this has gone on too long. This person gets irritated when I don’t respond to them immediately, but then will take a long time to get back to me in some cases, which I don’t mind. Is there a way to politely turn someone down after this amount of conversation? It’s an instinct telling me to move on, but I don’t want to be unprofessional. I don’t want to make this person mad and get a bad review, but I no longer have any desire to try to work with this person, as isn’t going to be worth the trouble.
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