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  1. Fiverr prefer someone to another one, from my personal perspective. Another reason if you are getting a response and you are unable to convert this response into order then Fiverr do not promote because if you can earn then Fiverr can also earn. So ask yourself what was happens. If you do not find any issue then be patients. Everything will be ok.
  2. If you really interested to have work on Fiverr, Follow the following tips You have to be active on FiverrUse Fiverr mobile app so you can communicate fasterorganize your gigadd video on your gigtry to be your selfI hope this can help you.
  3. Your gig image and pricing is not attractive. Work on it and try to active on fiverr. Hope you will get your first order soon.
  4. Getting a review is not too hard. When you deliver the job let them remember about the review. As I say to my client β€œIf you are happy with my service please give me a review. A good review always encourages me to do best.” Then if he gives a review, I do not forget to give review back. But If not 😦
  5. Its really a wonderful and daffinatly useful update. Love it.
  6. Try to stay online and reply as first as you can. Be polite with your buyers and ask for review to your client politely. I hope you have a good future in fiverr,
  7. There is no limit but do it wisely. Don’t spam.
  8. Please check your email. Fiverr will send you a detail list why your gig is not accepted. Another one things are your providing subject gig most probably not support in Fiverr andy more.
  9. Congratulation. Hope you will let us know in very short time that you are level two πŸ˜‰ Just remember one thing always be honest to your client and give first priority on clients satisfaction.
  10. Have patience, my friend, have patience; I hope you will find a great client who can not give you the chance for the remembering previous client.
  11. I think it is not your fault. Your client account might be no longer available. So it happens.
  12. Congratulation. Best of luck for your future. I hope you can make your dream too.
  13. Congratulation, Best of luck for the future. πŸ™‚
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