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  1. how can you tell exactly ? If you have any concerns about this just contact support .
  2. It's something that I have to deal with daily and to be honest there's not much that you can do about it... Most of the solutions to this problem[ except asking support to cancel the order without affecting your account ] will result in affecting your account.. If you mutually agree to cancel , it will affect your account , if you don't do what the buyer says ... you might get a bad review.. If he askes for a revision and if you stop responding or redelivering the same thing you might get a warning... So it's either explaining to the buyer that there are extras that he can buy for the revisions he needs... ( this is possible if he actually understands that this is how you do it in 2021 ) or you can simply do what he wants without charging him for the revisions and hope that he is going to be satisfied with your work ... I personally would choose doing the revisions to avoid all the unnecessary hassle but of course everybody is free to do what they think it's best . It also depends on the service that you are offering ... If you offer let's say video editing revisions might be very time consuming perhaps.. Also the price that he paid is important as well , for a 5$ order I would just ask support to cancel it... For a 200$ order I would choose to do the revisions .. It always depends
  3. I would say yes... HOWEVER what if you have multiple orders ? Does that mean that all your customers will receive the same thing ? Is this a one time sale or ? Perhaps customize it for every customer might work ... Best thing to do is to ask support perhaps
  4. A "refundable insurance fee" has nothing to do with Fiverr
  5. the buyer didn't leave any negative feedback... why bother with this in the first place ?
  6. Absolutely no point in encouraging OP to break the rules
  7. From the same IP/PC no he can't as far as I know . Working from the same / 1 account is ok though.
  8. I am curious if disabling the promoted gigs feature will still cause this issue... Perhaps it's time to temporary stop promoting all my gigs and see what happens .
  9. not really , Fiverr was down for a few minutes
  10. it's been a very slow year for me 😄 ...
  11. allowed to ask or to propose this is probably ok... however I don't think that a seller would accept this kind of payment since it's clearly not in their interest to do so
  12. you haven't told us much , there's nothing about what happened ...
  13. in the future as in ... the next 2 months
  14. just in case that for some reason it wasn't very clear... the entire thread is a joke
  15. Might be an error , we can't really help with this on the forum . As the previous user said it's best to ask support about it
  16. it's definitely some kind of scam attempt ( however this post is 1 year old , if you have a story to share about it you can start your own thread perhaps )
  17. It appears that this is due to some hidden metrics , when an order is marked as complete by the buyer he will have some options to pick from '' not satisfied, very satisfied, satisfied etc... If the satisfaction of your buyers is lower for a period of time you might not be eligible for promoted gigs ( and yes your gigs are going to be placed far away from the first page ) It happened to me as well.
  18. try not to create a new one , that might only cause other delays.
  19. After completing the current orders in case he will write again simply let him know that you can't help at the moment. It's not a shame to say no if you don't want to work with him.. If that doesn't work perhaps blocking him does ... It depends on the $$$ he pays , if he leaves reviews etc , in the end it's strictly up to you. I have clients that are never completing the orders for instance by themselves but always leave a 5star review after 5-6 days when they remember about the order.. Others are constantly asking for revisions but since they are returning customers I never say no to them because I know for sure that they are going to leave a great review and they are going to return after that . It always depends
  20. not sure how can we help you. help you with what exactly ?
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