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  1. Don’t start working until the order is made.
  2. The exchange rate changes everyday. So it’s not that paypal takes more than payoneer. Although I signed up for payoneer after your message and was approved within an hour of submission. Also checked their fees and it says free. But earlier I had checked some months ago, it always said $5 something. So I never used it. But now this seems to be a better option. Thanks for the confirmation and suggestion.
  3. The conversion part is not true. Paypal just cuts ~2 rs from the actual exchange rate which is what payoneer takes. Source: I have just withdrawn some days ago to paypal and verified the exchange rate vs the paypal rate. Although I’ve been withdrawing since years and know that Paypal only takes ~2 rs per dollar conversion.
  4. That’s right. $6 gets me dominos pizza combo which I can eat all by myself 😃 I mean, not all at once.
  5. Settings > Account settings. This is for the notifications about new messages, order updates etc.
  6. Seems to be down right now. Maybe some kind of attack. Do not download the flashplayer popup that comes up nor anything else.
  7. Reply to @jamesbulls: http://i.imgur.com/QbjKzcq.jpg
  8. That means people with green dot are vegetarians.
  9. Reply to @mrproofreading: Hey, eat a snickers. You become Satan when you’re hungry… …Better ?
  10. Reply to @emasonwrites: Next feature I would like to have is 24x7 live video stream from seller’s/buyer’s phone so that I can see when they are free and I can message them and check status. Just to be sure they are not busy or something.
  11. Reply to @ellinx: It wouldn’t take too long for it to backfire at us. These are just my thoughts. Others can also comment. Although there are some important features in the queue to be implemented for now.
  12. You heard of privacy ? We don’t want fiverr to turn into whatsapp or facebook. That’s how half of the breakups and some divorces happened in the world.
  13. Reply to @fonthaunt: Is that true? Maybe they need to append another point in the list then. ‘Must be dropped on head at least once in a lifetime’. 😃
  14. Reply to @fonthaunt: I can bet that I am one of your surprised choices. Mentally unstable TRS ? How is that possible? Amiright ? =))
  15. Yeah. Recently they were made visible on buyers’ profiles but don’t know if it affected the sales since sellers may have identified wolves. Now we have to rely on our instincts 😦
  16. The buyer reviews are not visible on their profile anyway. So this will not be useful.
  17. Reply to @itsyourthing: “you either die short or live long enough to become chit chat” - chatman.
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