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  1. Try to check the analytics (overview), at the bottom of "days without warning"
  2. Yes, especially experienced by new sellers. For this reason, it is necessary to emphasize that new sellers are more careful and better understand the TOS. Thanks for your feedback. :-)
  3. What I observed about TOS violations is that I lose my ranking for 30 days and after that I can easily come back if for 30 days there are no other violations. Regarding avoid cancellations what I mean here is to always give the best work to clients, always communicate well about what are customer complaints, provide updates on our work every day so as to avoid cancellations. When a customer requests a cancellation, I usually try to ask for another chance to fix the job or try to offer an alternative job. Communicate all well and and humbly. I've always managed to implement this method and have avoided canceling. Sometimes it seems unfair to the seller but the consequences of canceling are more painful because we can lose our projects that we should be able to get.
  4. What I convey is the result of my personal findings and experience and of course it is valid for me. You as a professional seller of course also have your own experience that is good if you share it with others. Let's share experiences so that other friends can also achieve success. :)
  5. Each seller has his own experience and research and it would be nice to share and hopefully be useful to others. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. As a new seller, here are 6 things you should pay attention to. Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations. Because it will throw you back for 30 days. Finish the job as soon as possible and don't be late. Your first delivery determines the punctuality of your work. Usually I make the first delivery less than 1 day, after that it won't have any effect even if the customer makes repeated revisions. Stay friendly and provide the best quality for every job and revision that buyers do. Avoid arguing with buyers because it will harm you. Fast response time. Immediately answer carefully every customer's questions and complaints. Avoid cancellation even if you feel that the buyer has acted unfairly. Continue to learn and improve the quality of your GIG step by step. You can read many TIPS in this forum, but all of them are meaningless if you ignore the 6 things above. The Fiverr algorithm prioritizes sellers who have good performance and can bring in profits, not whiny sellers who always complain. It's like you have a shop in a big market, so every problem that comes to your shop is only you who know exactly how to solve it, not other people and not the market owner. So, work wisely and smartly. Good luck!
  7. Sounds like you'd rather receive 3 warnings than just one.☺️
  8. I have also received the same notification and I will soon join this "seller plus" feature. It seems very interesting.
  9. Cancellation for any reason will reduce order completion and of course affect the ranking, even if you go through CS.
  10. The old way that is no longer suitable for the current Fiverr algorithm.
  11. Hello Sharminnshima, Forgive me for checking all four of your gigs, all of which have short descriptions and are very weak. It seems made carelessly and less serious. You must create a description that describes your skills and your seriousness. How will buyers come if you seem not serious about managing your GIG? Also, take advantage of the FAQ section to answer common questions so that buyers can come with confidence. Keep learning to improve the quality of your GIG. Good luck.
  12. I pray for India, hope the situation gets better soon.
  13. @nomadsolutions Thanks for your attentions. 👍
  14. @bintzia Stay calm and happy, that is all it takes. Congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  15. @tvint Yes, you are right, it’s just that I don’t need to explain The law of attraction here because it will make many people laugh 😄
  16. @maegan_bertrand All problems start from the mind, including the obstacles we encounter in our work. Luck also comes from our own minds. Then create that luck. I agree with you. 😊
  17. Hi @zeus777, Thank you for the response, I am writing this because seeing some sellers are confused, means they have already made GIG nice and professional, have to manage it as best as possible but still did not get good sales. Then it’s time for a spiritual approach. I am sure that those involved in this business on average have sufficient intelligence, it’s just that they are less fortunate and one of the factors is the lack of inner peace. Meditation brings calm and good luck. A good (positive) thought and action will surely bring something good. Do you know? Smart people will lose to those who are lucky. It is time to increase your luck rather than just being smart.
  18. You’re welcome Danny, Stay optimistic and confident. There are still many buyers who are waiting for your work and can play fairly. Good Luck!
  19. I understand what you mean, it’s just that I won’t send anything to the buyer even if it’s a low-resolution work. I make sure that the buyer will not come back again. Don’t waste your time because you don’t know the person directly. I have been here for 9 years and have known many characters of buyers.
  20. It’s too risky for you. I never send even once just a sample before the buyer places the order. What you do gives the impression to the buyer that you lack confidence and cannot convince the buyer that you can work professionally. Don’t just stick with one buyer, there are still many people who need your work. Leave skeptical buyers behind as it will make you too busy with unsuitable results.
  21. Hello everyone, I see a lot of Fiverr sellers coming to this forum with a lot of worries, they are worried that their impressions and clicks drop, they lose ratings, etc. Actually, it is all a natural thing when you experience a decrease or get knocked out of the rankings. What is not natural is when you are too worried about it. Trust me that you will still be able to sell and have a good income on Fiverr even if you are not on the first page, or even when you do not find your GIG though. I have been on Fiverr since 2012 and have experienced many things here and I will share tips for those of you who are currently feeling scared and worried about ratings and sales. Be fair and calm when you don’t find your GIG on the search page or when your impressions and clicks decrease. Editing the title, the description, and tag is fine, but by doing your research calmly first, don’t panic.Stay optimistic and enthusiastic when your efforts do not produce results. The key is don’t panic, don’t worry. Maintain a positive mind and attitude.What to do now? Maybe this is a little silly for some people but it always works for me. I never cared about ratings, impressions, or clicks but I still sell every day and still collect dollars. Step 1: Sit quietly and close your eyes, adjust the breath until you find calm. Step 2: Imagine the target you want to achieve, imagine your payment page is full of cash value waiting for the clearing period, or imagine your account book has a certain balance you want, or your wallet is full of cash. Step 3: Imagine that you have succeeded in achieving your desires. You have bought a car, a dream house, and have a lot of money as if they were real and you already have. Step 4: Feel your happiness then smile with all that you have accomplished. I usually do this for about 30 minutes at bedtime. Do it as often as possible and you will get many orders even if you do not find your GIG on the search page. Note: To support your success, have good goals in life, always be happy and care for others. If you think this is ridiculous then don’t do it but if you think it is important then congratulations! You will be successful on Fiverr. Good Luck! 😊
  22. Not only you but too many sellers are concerned about rankings so they panic when they don’t find their GIG on the first page. Everyone was so busy thinking about ratings that they did nothing but confusion and sadness. If you feel that your GIG is good enough, why panic? You can start offering your expertise in the “buyer request” feature. Seize every opportunity that exists and give the best to every buyer who comes, answer every message that comes politely and send a “custom offer.” The point is don’t panic. Your ranking will be in a good position when you have served buyers well so as to get positive reviews. Show your performance to the Fiverr team that you can make money for Fiverr, so you will rise in rank by yourself. I never panic with rankings even I don’t care where my GIG is. Just do your best and the buyers keep coming every day. Don’t want to be a smart person on Fiverr but be the lucky one.
  23. I just believe that every time we do our best we will get the best, no matter what rank you are. Just do your best and stay focused on your goals. One of the most important things is to stay positive.
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