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  1. Stay active. Apply to Buyer's request. Stay active here in forum share gig on social media you will get first order within a month
  2. I have here since 2015 and still seeking an answer to this. There was a time when my gigs were ranking and I was getting great orders but then someone copied text of my gig and then my gigs started falling in page rank. After that, I have been struggling to come on page 1 so to beat this I am now paying fiverr to promote my gig, I am taking Fiverr services where they assign a manager to help gigs (but this has not worked good though but tips they provided were good enough). At the end, I must say, whatever you get here or anywhere else is just because of your Luck.
  3. The best will be to hire other freelancers
  4. Hey Guys, Today, I got an interesting SPAM message - the person told me that he or she is from a reputed Self-publishing company with thousands of orders to format books. My reaction was “WOW! I am gonna rich soon by working with such an amazing company” and I said yes BUT then all my Excitement went into the Vein WHEN they said they are offering half a dollar to format each book with unlimited page count. LOL Nobody even opens a file for such a low price and they want a 300-500 page book to format professionally. How come people can even think of this? means…
  5. Contact support or change card
  6. Yes, even if you earn 5000000$ you cannot be TRS if you are not meeting Fiverr’s expectations. I earn more than this seller but I am a second level and I am happy to be at this level LOL because when I was nominated for TRS, i was not getting much work.
  7. I think, international spend limit is applied on your card. Check for the same
  8. Congratulations for being a Top Rated Seller. I am not a Top Rated Seller but With God’s Grace making almost the same as you do, Cheers!
  9. Cancellation would decrease the order completion percentage and also drop the gig listing in the search result. In this competitive era I cannot have any cancellation that will cause my sales down. Again not all the buyers are like that, most of them are understanding and wise. I am talking about few buyers once in a while. For me cancellation isn’t worth at all. I would go beyond what paid to avoid cancellation and do as much work which pleases the buyer. You are right too at your point but sometimes it is really too less for the work they demand
  10. This is not just an issue with many sellers here but 1 out of 10 buyers are also playing unethical. They place orders without reading gig details and later when ask them for charges as per the work, they ask to cancel the order or do not respond, And, a seller is now helpless to either complete the task or bear the penalty of order cancellation. And, CS never helps in this matter; similarly, they will not help you too
  11. Awesome. I wish my name could be there in this eBook as I am sure, this would increase sales and bring fortune to these sellers
  12. Type this Order ID - you might be copying it and that’s why it is not being accepted.
  13. Dear sathi_cc, I think only support can answer this because there are some automated settings that decide this.
  14. @ williambryan392 I am Deepak (weformat) I am a freelancer for many years and now a full-time freelancer with a goal to become a TRS here but that goal is really hard to achieve because you need to earn 20000 in 180 days and a minimum 100 orders without any warnings issued by Fiverr. Let me get back to my story! I had started as a freelancer when Fiverr had a very basic platform and look. I was working as a full-time technical writer and layout designer when I had joined Fiverr to earn something extra during my free time. Slowly this journey has started and then I got a break from my full-time job and started working as a full-time freelancer. It has been 2 years I am a full-time freelancer with a hope to earn at least 5000 USD per month, which I know is really hard and like a dream come true because so far I can make hardly 1000 to 1500 (some times when Fiverr is really nice on me and God is willing to help me earn more). When I had started here as a book formatting expert, the competition was not much and there were only a handful of freelances like me but today the competition is really high that I need to spend money advertising my gigs on fiverr. Without that, it is now hard for me to get projects. In fact, sometimes, I feel to go back and think again as the flow of projects has been reduced a lot. WHY the flow of projects is reduced? No answer BUT some pointers I know are late deliveryorder cancellation - I often face this because of some over smart buyers who used to place orders when I am in sleep and when I get up, I also see their order cancellation request. When I ask them for a reason, either they do not reply or reply too late that order had already gone into late delivery, impacting my rating. So, I have to cancel the order by myself. And, some buyers do reply, I placed the order “Accidentally.” What a pity, how an accident can happen here? Whatever, only I have to bear the loss because when an order is cancelled, you bear loss not only because the funds are refunded to the buyer but also you gig is pushed back in the queue and you hardly appear in search on Fiverr so easily.there are also buyers who do not read gig details and expect everything in $5 even though they know the fact that the amount of the work they need could not be done in less than $25-$50 but they still play over smart games as they have understood the fear of order cancellation. BUT, i really do not let them take advantage of me and I cancel their orders. Late deliveries also impact.So, in short, if Fiverr removes the penalty of order cancellation, I trust I could achieve my goal of becoming a TRS. That’ my long story in short BUT really these days getting new clients is hard due to competition. Thanks Deepak weformat
  15. Yes, my friend, it was hard. I had to chase these guys and had to be harsh too.
  16. Yeah. I was not sure if i will be getting it back but they helped me a lot
  17. it happens when buyers choose quantity over quality. For example, I charge $40 per 1000 words and guarantee 100% plag free and you mentioned 16 pound for 1000 words so it is obviously less. But, cheating buyers is not good. You can send me text and I will check the amount of plagiarism it has.
  18. Good. it seems these days Fiverr is promoting new sellers
  19. I had earlier contacted Fiverr and they said it does not impact but in real, as per my experience, I can say it impacts the profile. Whenever the order is late, it impacts the flow of new orders. For last 3 months, I am not get enough orders as i have some clients putting orders in revisions for a month.
  20. I have been using this feature but so far from 7 orders, I have spent $20 and out of these 7 two large orders are cancelled by the buyers within an hour of the order placement. Not sure, if they were real buyers or something is being done by the team to show orders. Moreover, since this feature has been started the flow of normal orders have reduced a lot
  21. Hello, I think rather than getting confused hire a CA and leave the worry on him. Thanks Deepak
  22. Hey Guys, This is weformat once again. A few days back, I had opened a topic sharing my experience on “How a client cheated me and took away funds without letting me know.” Read here I was really sad and contacted Fiverr support. Earlier, the response was not great but then I started to fight for my funds and today I got a message that they have compensated me the lost funds. Thank you so much Fiverr. weformat
  23. No need to worry if that buyer is not responding to your message but only sending a cancellation request. Wait for customer support to reply and they surely help you as per the description of your message, this buyer seems to be a scammer and in such a case, sellers wins not buyer
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