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  1. I think freelance work is great but why even bother with doing the same thing on other sites. If you ever so choose to expand your horizons get into stock media, apply for a real position at an online businesses, start a channel producing content, get into the stock market. Why would anyone just want to do the same thing on another site when the internet is so vast. Its like going to a buffet and only eating fries 😛
  2. I know several people who wanted to take legal action towards a few pieces of literature and when they contacted CS about it they had no problem with them going after them but they would not help much. I have that part “unless clearly stated on gig discription” saved on my computer I hold it very dear as I like to keep my rights or atleast charge more for them. I recomend offering non exclusive rights to the buyer as it gives them the freedom they need but you can still resell it or rewrite it for personal use.
  3. you can go to the order page and reject the order. if it has been to long you might have to ask him or contact CS
  4. when ever you have an issue like this you need to think hard and see if you are reponsible in anyway. Was this job too big for a 24 hour job? Where you constantly revising what you needed after ordering? did you explain the job properly? if you believe that you did what was needed for the job to be done and the seller failed yes ask for a refund
  5. Reply to @crazygurrrl: Im sorry to have offended you that certainly was not my intention and I most certainly was not calling you a liar. The pictures were actually pointed toward several of the people who were level 1 and clearly had funds available who commented on this thread. So I actually assumed they simply misunderstood which settings. Except for the last picture as you mentioned you had issues with the pixels try resizing it instead of altering the pixels it should work better for you although it could alter the quality of image. I was simply stating your overall attitude was sort of bleak and you haven’t even started. Surely you didn’t think you could make a gig in a day, it takes planning and it takes time to learn a platform. And it seemed everyone was extremely helpful giving positive advice and every reply was bleak and basically stating you give up and don’t want to bother yet you still continued to ask for help… I just found your attitude sort of frustrating. That being said I can be a little to brash and looking back at what I wrote I can understand why you would be offended so I will try to be a little more friendly in the future  🙂
  6. Reply to @crazygurrrl: I suggest you “bother” a lot of busy people took the time to help you. You just need to help your self 🙂 Have you contacted CS or are you not going to bother with that either?
  7. I guess I am cheating but fiverr is basicly my only " job" I just invest my income
  8. wow those are some bad usernames lol some of you guys that are complaining about name changes first of all what did you drink to decide on that? and second most of you have few gig sales or no gigs at all so why don’t you just contact CS ask them to delete your account so you can start fresh:)
  9. I think your best bet is to open up a US bank account and deal with the currency conversion after. If you are having trouble trying to get an US account in your country from you local bank try going to an investment bank that deals with trading accounts usually they have better options when it comes to currency.
  10. I think my rating feed back is around 60-70% and if they order multiple times they usually only give me 1 thumbs up and let the rest auto complete
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