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  1. The only right answer from there that 3rd part infringement violations bla bla not helpful in this after denial sir
  2. I need to know is there any possiblity that any of my competitor on Fiverr report my Gig and Fiverr denies my Gig without any notification or warnings? even all content of my Gig is my own content and also the pictures i used for my Gig??
  3. I think anybody from anywhere specially yours competitor can report your Gig i think and fiverr denied it, it is possible sir to do this that i report a Gig and fiverr denies it without any other reason???
  4. I do sir but they were not willing to restore my Gig even each word used in the description are my own words
  5. yes before this i was offering IFTTT but now it is totally different from IFTTT
  6. I call it an echo-o-o-o-o! 🤓 There are many echoers on the Forum. no not all bro no double body
  7. No sir all images created my myself in Photoshop, i think fiverr should mark those services not to offer because the seller start selling their services and reach to the certain level as i do and at some point fiverr denied your your Gig without any warning and notifications, at least they should warn the seller, what you say bro?
  8. Hi Anybody knows, that before starting any Gig how do i know that the particular service does not belongs to the third party because Fiverr removed my SEO Gigs with the message that: We appreciate you taking the time to create/update your Gig . Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig. The reason is: Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading to our buyers. Somebody helps me is there any list of those services especially in SEO that the others cant claim and my Gig run smoothly, I have built my reputation in the Fiverr market and also the Gig is in top listings and Got % stars Reviews about 80+ suddenly Fiverr came with the above message and destroys everything for violation without any warnings and notifications. I shall be very thankful if somebody marks me those services regarding SEO that belongs to the 3rd party so we can take better care of it to start new Gig. Thanks
  9. My Gig was on 2nd position and it got dissappeared now it happens with anybody??? have also high reviews on it. Does it happens to anybody? why it could happens?
  10. same problem with me also my Gig was on 2nd in the catagory and it disappears now dont know why so message the support today let see…
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