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  1. After I become TOP rated seller, I notice a DROP from 20 000 impressions to 0-1700 from Mar - 24 -2021. No more new orders even with reduced price and updated gig description and SEO. I notice on the same time was introduced fiverr plus, I have to make subscriptions now? It makes no sense… Drop was very big in a short time, never happen before. I though Top seller status would give more opportunities not lose them. Anyone have similar situation?
  2. Analytics information for income is changing all the time. I manually record each income from “Earned In this Month” also from completed order. I notice the income is less. Anyone have this issues? (I try not to be paranoia, but every time is less and not balanced).
  3. Hi! Anyone have the same issue as mine? After the project was deliver ON TIME and buyer asked for revision I got this penalty: “Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity”… This didn’t happen before. The status got from 100 to 96 after that. I notice this issues on last 4-5 project. I decide to open this topic after I got the same penalty when buyer order something extra. Now fiverr punish revisions too?
  4. Overbooked can’t be changed or modified. No answer from fiverr support after 2 days… Any news about fixing this issue?
  5. Same problem, fiverr support is still not responding after 2 day or they just ignore me. This will affect everyone business, who added this limit.
  6. Thank you for your reply. The message I send, it’s for everyone with the same problem. It doesn’t matter if he is no longer active. We still have the same problem after years. This tells us a lot.
  7. I guess clients is the master as always. From what I see we have no other option just to suffer the unbalance.
  8. I guess there are too many top seller or you need some connections with fiverr team to get that stats. Like in real life there is no fair gameplay. I am in the same situation like you from 2 year now. Still friend with level 2 🙂 This is my point of view I wish that I am wrong.
  9. That's not really fair - this behavior should also be present on regular gigs that have the ExtraFast option turned on, since there's a clock there, too... :( I agree with you, the system it’s not very well build. I also get a lot of penalty from exactly the same situation like yours. Mutual cancellations is not really a mutual cancellations, since the sellers get affected and buyers don’t. It’s more like they don’t want you to be too high. I guess there are too many top sellers since system stuck most of us at level 2, even if you achieved all the requirements they request to be a Top seller. I give up anyway I don’t think is a real status this days.
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