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  1. My best years are 2015 and 2016. 2017 to 2019 is bad. I hope 2020 will be ok.
  2. I haven’t invented anything. You complained that you were demoted down to “New Seller” from “Level 2”, and that you want Fiverr to provide immunity to sellers so that can’t happen. I read what you wrote, and I responded appropriately to it. Immunity from demotion is not likely to happen as that goes against the way Fiverr is set up. All sellers rise and fall. It’s part of being a freelancer on Fiverr’s site. And, as noted by myself, and others, your suggestion is not likely to become reality, because it goes against the way Fiverr works. Fiverr is not likely to offer immunity from demotion, as that would seriously undermine the entire purpose of a performance-based promotion/demotion system. I was just thinking the same about some of your responses to me. This is a forum. Those who respond to you are not required to have the same opinions as you do. I applaud your creativity, but your creative suggestion just isn’t practical, nor in line with the way Fiverr works. I’m not sure if you understand what I am suggesting. I’m not speaking of a 100% immunity against demotion. I mentioned just a small fraction depending on levels so that you don’t suffer from a shaky status due to negative ratings. A “WISH” for a rule modification doesn’t mean you are against it. And we don’t expect cool response on people if you started a not cool comment. Be sensitive. “Fiverr might not want your suggestion” is different from “Your suggestion is impractical and I assure it will not work”. Its like saying that you have bigger brain. Ok got it.
  3. FIVERR SITE SUGGESTION Me: I have a nice suggestion I think. Fiverr: Ok we keep that in mind. Thanks for your suggestion. That’s what going to happen. Everything stops there. I’m observing at the moment. If more people are positive about this, the next step will be easy things to do.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. This is not going to change, since it is merely being demanded by someone who didn’t like being demoted, and not at all something that is “wrong with the site”. Promotions and demotions are part of the way Fiverr works. I agree with you. There is no reason for this to change. Sellers who don’t like how the system works – like @francis920176 – can either find ways to work within the way Fiverr is designed, or pursue their freedom to find work elsewhere. There is a huge difference between a major call for change because something is fundamentally broken, and one or more frustrated sellers who just don’t like having been demoted because of a fall in their own seller/gig performance. “Someone who didn’t like being demoted” Yes I don’t want to get demoted but I’m not against demotion because its one way to make your performance stands out. Don’t invent things dude. “Seller who don’t like the system” What’s wrong with you dude. I’m just giving a suggestion. I’m not against the system. I told already they will decide if they like my suggestion or not. If not and be it that way. Don’t accuse me being against the system hehe. “Frustrated seller” Who? Me? There some replies here that are not in favor with my suggestion but they are cool. Your post, its not cool dude.
  5. True. That is rules in the making. I just don’t understand why some people instead of analyzing and improving the way to work out a suggestion, they will just say its impractical and will not work.
  6. Well at least the topic will stays in the forum Mr. jonbaas. Nice name. I like how it sounds.
  7. I disagree. But I will respect your differing perspective. Fiverr already protects top performers, and they do so in the same way they protect all other sellers. Just because YOU feel you were unfairly demoted, does not mean Fiverr has abandoned you. Like I said, demotions are part of being a seller here on Fiverr. We all experience it. It would be wise to work on complaining less, and overcoming the situation – just like the rest of us do. The fact that Fiverr has not changed the rules in your favor, sounds like you have your response. True at the moment. But as long as you keep on participating to this topic and trending goes on and on. There is big chance hehe 🙂
  8. Then you should have placed your topic in Fiverr Site Suggestions, not in the part of the forum that staff never reads. They don’t often read Suggestions, either, but “not often” is better than never. Or you can contact Customer Support and tell them what you think. FIVERR SITE SUGGESTION Me: I have a nice suggestion I think. Fiverr: Ok we keep that in mind. Thanks for your suggestion. That’s what going to happen. Everything stops there.
  9. Respectfully, your calls for revolution are impractical. The rules are the rules, and the vast majority of sellers who have any stake in success here, have learned how to work within these rules. There will be no revolution – led by you – that screams their way to a change in the promotion/demotion rules, merely because you feel that you were “unfairly demoted”, or can’t gain TRS status. We all get demoted. It happens. It’s part of how Fiverr works. And it’s not the end of the world, nor the end of any possibility for seller growth here on Fiverr. Like any of us who have been demoted in the past – myself included – improve your gigs, and work toward being re-promoted in 30 or 60 days. It’s not impossible; I’ve done it twice now. You CAN recover, but it’s only possible if you’re willing to think like a businessman, correct the problems that led to the demotion, and become a better seller, instead of sitting back, blaming everyone else, and calling for revolution. This is not a revolution reason. This is not a revolution moment. Seriously, and again, I say this with as much respect as I can muster, calling for revolution and change, merely because YOU were demoted – an event that can easily be turned around – just doesn’t make a lot of sense. There is no calling for revolution here mate, I’m just rendering an idea for fiverr to somehow protect top performers. Please don’t judge my suggestion impractical, I am offended. Let fiverr hear me. They will decide whether they like it or not.
  10. I predict that every seller WILL continue to be bound by the same rules on Fiverr. The current overall rules are working. I don’t see any need or reason to complicate things by establishing multiple rule sets. Not when the voices becomes loud enough. Rules don’t stays, they always evolved. And things on fiverr are already complicated long before.
  11. Same here, I used to have a perfect stats and nominated to TSR and fail. Why when you are demoted, the system decides. But when you need promotion, system becomes irrelevant and the staff needs to review and do the decisions. And good to hear you mentioned about protecting the top performers.
  12. Beautifully said “datwriterguy”. Thanks for delivering it nicely.
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