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  1. I have just completed 37 orders with 34 five star reviews. Advanced Tips For new Sellers: try to use low competition keywords for gig ranking use eye-catching gig images marketing your gig to targeted people. Provide the best quality services forever every buyer. learn from your competitor gig and implement it. learn trending topics As a new seller publish 7 gig keep patience
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  2. This is a reminder that any targeted hate speech against a person, or group of people, defined on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, religion, age, disability, or other similar ground is not allowed on the Fiverr platform, which includes the forum. If you violate these rules, you will be suspended for 1 week, and a second violation will result in your removal from the forum permanently. Please review the Forum Rules and the Fiverr Community Standards if you have any questions about what type of content is acceptable on the forum.
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  3. If you want to rank on Fiverr, You have to understand fiverr gig ranking algorithm. If you think title is enough for how to rank gigs on fiverr, that's not right decision. You must have to define the actual reason and research more than thousands gig which category you want to publish. after researching you will get understand something better. Some people calls keyword is playing well in fiverr which called fiverr tag. some people use this also. But when you get some extra popular profile, they never use so much popular tag or keyword to rank their gig, but their gig is already popular gig in fiverr. Sometimes fiverr also see hw who's profile get more order, those profile automatic ranking on fiverr. But 1st time how will you define your gig. In this time, You must have to do competitor thousands gig for your own understanding. You can follow these step Research more about your category of gig Select the best title & description give quality of attracted Thumbnail which buyer mind attracted research for getting top 5 keyword what you use title description and tag use android app to be active 24/7 times connect with fiverr form use skill test to be more popular provide quality project with on time delivery try to provide best description for regular ten buyer request which help you to get order easily Try t become high quality profile on fiverr by getting strong 5 star review on fiverr
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  4. Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Seller on Fiverr : 1. Use high-quality photos that show your product well. 2. Offer something unique or different from what other sellers are offering. 3. Be honest and trustworthy with buyers about delivery times and any potential problems. 4. Have good communication skills so customers know they're dealing with someone who cares. 5. Make sure your gigs have clear instructions and descriptions. 6. Don't over-promise and under deliver. 7. Keep track of all orders, and Don't be late for the delivery. 8. Set up automatic reminders for delivery deadlines approach. 9. Always be willing to negotiate prices with buyers. 10. Treat every customer like royalty by providing excellent service and support.
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  5. Why am I not getting orders? 😔 1. Because your profile sucks. 2. See #1. That's it, plain & simple. 💕 The following won't help: * Staying online * Buyer's request * Posting/crying/begging on forum -------------------------------------- There are over 100 posts with tips on good profile and gigs from experienced sellers. Ignore the YouTube gurus ('cause it's crap) and the new sellers posting on this forum to get recognized. -‐‐----------------------------------------- 1. Seller complaining on forum: "My English isn't good!" Buyer's interpretation: "I have a weakness and I'm too lazy to do anything about it so I'm just going to whine on the forum about how unfair life is to me." 2. Seller: "I've sent over 100 Buyer's Request & still no orders." Buyer's interpretation: "I send canned responses without reading and my profile is so bad no one wants to buy from me. I'm just gonna complain on the forum about what a bad seller I am." 3. Seller posting on forum: "Thank you for your valuable tips." Buyer's interpretation: "🙄 If you buy from me I'll have endless access to your inbox, therefore, I will spam you with multiple request for reviews, gratuity and more work.😑"
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  6. Hello! Welcome to the new Fiverr Forum! You’ll find some category changes and new ways to interact with discussion threads. You get to choose how you see content. As the categories have given way to "Forums" you can jump in and interact on a "forum" level. Or you can see all activity (like the old forum) by changing the view at the top of the page. Table: A traditional forum table view Grid: Displaying the forums in a grid Fluid: A simplier dynamic listing topics with a filter box This is still a work in progress and I’d love any and all feedback. We’ve all been working on this for a while and some things we needed to wait to go live before adjusting. If you have feedback, please leave it in “Product Feedback” -> “Forum Feedback” Every user’s stats will be reset, but they will retain their old “Level”. This will be updated in the next few days with a leveling system. This new platform also has new achievement badges which are live now. More on that in the next few days too. Check out the new “Fiverr Questions” - an area where you can ask questions, the community can answer and then vote for the best answer. If you’re checking out specific Fiverr Products (Learn, Affiliates, Elevate) you can find them in the “Fiverr Products” section. Specific Verticals are getting their own discussion groups. You can start by checking out Music and Audio. Thank you all for your patience while we get this bird off the ground! -MJensen415
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  7. Fiverr and Ironhack are teaming up to offer scholarships to help you upgrade your tech career with intensive classes in Web Development, Data Analytics and UX/UI Design. Scholarships range from $1,000-$6,000 towards your tuition. We are are awarding partial scholarships for Ironhack's award-winning Web Developer, UX/UI Design, and Data Analytics courses. The bootcamp model is an accelerated learning program designed to help you level up your tech career. Ironhack will provide the immersive hands on learning curriculum, coaching, and support. For all the information and to submit your application for the scholarship please check out the landing page. Deadline to apply is September 4th.
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  8. 1.At first you should to read the buyer request well 2.don't hurry up 3.detect,what are they want from you please remember the 3 point when you replay a buyer request, you will see you will be success. please never send buyer request without fully understanding and it will be very bad for you if you are not full understand the buyer request and try to attract buyers with tempering offer just to get the order. so be careful to send buyer request replay. good luck to every one.
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  9. One of the most common questions posted on the Fiverr Forum I’ve noticed in the past few weeks I have been active on the Forum pages is one that asks something about a drop in Gig impressions and clicks. Here is a shortlist of probable reasons for that. Hopefully, this post will clear up some of the confusion newbies are experiencing. 1 - The Increase Of New Members To Fiverr I have noticed a huge increase in the number of posts that start with the words, “I am new to Fiverr…” There is a great deal of interest in this freelancing platform from all over the world. It seems to attract dozens of new members every hour or two. This will have a negative impact on your Gig impressions and clicks simply due to the math. This is what I mean by that. If (an example I’m making up) you were one of 100 Sellers who provided a Gig on video editing a few months ago and saw a fair deal of impressions and clicks, that made sense. Now, with so many newbies on Fiverr, you may be one in 10,000 Sellers with the same Gig. That has increased your competition by a huge amount and as a result, your impressions and clicks are going to logically drop. 2 - Gig Rotation Fiverr has (apparently) implemented a process that is known on the Forum as Gig Rotation. What this means is that if you have seen your Gig listed on Page 1 for your Gig category/keywords, it probably isn’t there anymore. Fiverr has chosen to “rotate” Gigs to make it fair to all Sellers to get Page 1 exposure. As to what tips and tricks you have to use to activate the rotation process, it’s unknown. That’s a good thing because keeping it unknown ensures that it remains fair for everyone. 3 - Your Gig Looks Tired And Dull It happens. With so much extra competition out there in recent months, you can bet that some of the new Sellers have Gig descriptions that are better than yours. They may even have Gig photos and videos that are better than yours. All this means is that with many new Fiverr members using flashy, attractive visuals, some of the impressions and clicks you are used to getting are going somewhere else. You can try to compete by updating your Gig details on a regular basis (I do this) as that will keep your Gigs looking fresh and new. It also doesn’t hurt to check out what your competitors are doing and try to be better with your presentation. There are other reasons why your impressions and clicks may be dropping from what you are used to seeing, but these are very likely the main reasons. Other Fiverr members will add to this list and hopefully everyone sees enough business in 2021 to keep busy and not worry about stats so much.
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  10. As a seller on Fiverr, you know the importance of receiving repeat orders from your buyers. Not only does repeat business confirm the high quality of your service (go you!) but also gives you peace of mind by helping you to create a stable income. Fiverr has always encouraged long term relationships between buyers and sellers, and now, with the repeat business score and badge on seller profiles, this is recognized even further! How it works: Log in > Analytics tab To the right of the “Overview tab” (which you already know), see the “Repeat business tab” Once complete > Choose your subcategory from the dropdown menu See your repeat business score, and how you perform in each of the factors that it is comprised of: Repeat buyers The number of buyers who ordered from you again within the last 90 days. Repeat buyers (%) The percentage of buyers who ordered from you again within the last 90 days. Earnings from repeat buyers Your earnings from repeat orders (before any added fees/ taxes). Earnings from repeat buyers (%) The percentage of your earnings from repeat buyers from your total earnings. Notice the banner at the bottom of the page > See tips and tricks on how to meet (or exceed!) your buyers’ expectations > See more tips How to improve your score: Focus on your buyers’ requirements The more you know about what your buyers want, the better you can meet (or exceed!) their expectations. Keep your buyers updated Be quick in your responses and share updates with your buyers. Ensure them that you have their best interests in mind. Get early feedback on your work Get a feel for what your buyers are thinking and be flexible about making changes prior to the order delivery date. Tell buyers what else you have to offer Buyers often need extra services delivered. If you feel it appropriate, let them know how else you can add value to an ongoing order. Reward your valued buyers with coupons Everyone loves a good deal! Encourage buyers to order from you again using exclusive coupons for your Gig/s. For more information, please check out the repeat business help article. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4404431241617 And as always, please let us know what you think and ask questions below!
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  11. 5 Fiverr Tips & Tricks Fiverr Gig for a better position. ♦♦♦ Add a Gig Video Make sure you have added a video with your service details. ♦♦♦ Use High-Quality Images A high-quality image can capture potential buyer attention, and enhance your click, impression as well as sales. ♦♦♦ Make Proper Use of Tags Add five relevant and targeted tags which will help to get 1st page in Fiverr. ♦♦♦ Avoid Order Cancellation Make sure you can fulfill the demand before accepting it. ♦♦♦ Add right KEYWORD in the Gig description Starting with the gig title is the best practice, and adding your major keyword at least twice throughout the gig description is also a good idea. Read More
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  12. Optimize your gig title Gig title is so much important for your Fiverr order. If you choose the wrong title for your Fiverr You won’t receive too many orders But if you can choose the right title for your Fiverr gig you will get too many orders. So the Fiverr gig title is really so much important to get more order on Fiverr. Select the main keyword related to your service. Example Suppose I want to create a business card ranking gig. So I will go first to Fiverr search bar and I will find the main keyword from first top 10 gigs and I select best business card SEO as a main keyword after quick analysis from top 10 rank gigs. Create Attractive Gig image Gig image is so much important to get more orders on Fiverr. I think you know lots of sellers creating their gig daily on Fiverr and they are trying to sell their service and rank their gig on the first page. So you should create your Gig image more attractive than others. Add some images or pdf files as a portfolio. Must Add frequently ask questions.
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  13. Fiverr is a place where professionals across hundreds of industries come to grow their business. To maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone, we’ve created a set of standards to serve as a moral compass for behavior in our community. We see the community standards as a “living document” and plan on updating them in an ongoing process. The community standards include five sections: Integrity and Authenticity Intellectual Property Objectionable Content Violence and Criminal Behavior Safety A link to the community standards can be found here: https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards In addition to the community standards above, we’d also like to reinforce some best practices for communication in the forum. And though they may not all be strictly against the rules, posts may be removed/edited and users may have their accounts affected if they push the boundaries too far. When starting a new discussion, please check that you aren’t duplicating an existing discussion thread or creating one that is very similar. These will be removed. Controversy or entertainment is OK, but attacks on other users, staff, Support are not. Keeping posts calm also makes it easier for us to collect feedback – both positive and negative. Violations may result in account bans without warning. Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling buyers/sellers out by username. Post will not be tolerated with extreme adult language, extreme sexual comments or innuendo or similar, so please self-moderate your choice of words or use * as needed. No personal attacks, including Fiverr employees or volunteer community Moderators. Posts with links or images showing the usernames in private messages or elsewhere fall under the same rule unless names are completely blurred or blacked out. The Invision Community forum software has the option for users to send Private Messages. These messages are still subject to the Fiverr Terms of Service and Community Standards. It is against the forum rules to copy/paste content from these private messages or take screen shots of them and post the content on the public forum. If you do not want to engage in private messaging with someone, ask them not to contact you and use the available tools to block their messages. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so. Invision Community has tools that allow for post edits and deletions. Those tools are primarily for correcting typos and adding new info. Edits, including edits no longer displayed publicly, are retained in edit logs at an administrative level. Posts will still be moderated based on the original post, not based on edits. Violations of the Fiverr Terms of Service, forum rules, and Community Standards will still be utilized based on the original post. Editing or deleting a post does not remove or negate the violation. Excessive edits/deletions make posts difficult to read. The tools should be used moderately. You may post links that are relevant to the discussions as long as they are not links to your own website, blog or otherwise violate ToS or these rules. Gig/profile links belong in My Fiverr Gigs. All links and posts should comply with and the Fiverr Community Standards. Unapproved links will cause link or post removal. Links must not be shortened using non-Fiverr shortening sites. Gig/profile links should include thefiverr.com domain. This is a safety/security risk. Readers should not click on shortened links or links that may be questionable. Ads, Self-Promotion, Posts with Requests for Sales/Buyers that are posted may be deleted without warning. Since all users should be aware of the rules on promotion, when moderators lack time to edit/move posts to a correct category the post may instead just be removed. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy forum posts or on or off-Fiverr content. Links to other content may be used within a conversational post & abide with the other forum rules and Fiverr Terms of Service. Bumping and cross-posting is not explicitly disallowed but is discouraged and if abused will result in the removal of posts. The forum does not replace or act as a Customer Support portal. If you have technical issues or account concerns the Support Team can help. If your forum access becomes restricted, check your main forum page for any admin notices. If you do not see a notice or if you have further questions, you may also contact Customer Support with any forum issues. This forum was created to provide a home for our Fiverr community. This forum is moderated. Each message posted is owned by and the opinion of the original poster. The forum team of volunteers and staff members reserve the right to remove/move/edit any or all posts at any time and remove or suspend the user if deemed necessary.
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  14. So you just got started on Fiverr. You want advice on how to rank your gig quickly. You see all the tips from other sellers, like "be online", "just wait and pray", "be active on the forum", and "share on social media". But are you actually checking if the advice you're following comes from people who are already successful? If the advice comes from someone with zero reviews who've been on Fiverr for a month without getting orders, can you even trust their advice to be good? Of course, you can't. If you don't want to risk wasting your time on lousy advice, here's what you need to do: Check if the seller who gave the advice is actually thriving on Fiverr. This usually means that they are a Top Rated, Pro, or even Level 2 seller. Do your research. Don't trust the advice you read blindly. Start thinking for yourself: make a strategy and learn the skills you need to implement it. Why? Because the examples I mentioned at the beginning are all lies, told, recycled, re-told, copy/pasted. And they don't work! Yet you'll see the same "tips" posted over and over again by pretenders who haven't managed to become successful themselves. Why would you trust their advice if the "tips" they give clearly aren't working for them? Here's some real advice you can implement – but they only work if you're good at what you do. If you're misrepresenting your skills, these won't work. Do market research to figure out who your customers are, why they need help, and how you can solve their problems. Create an outstanding gig showcasing why you're the right person to help them, and back it up with actual knowledge. Invest in your business: hire someone professional to design your gig thumbnails (unless you're a designer), hire a writer to help you with your gig description (unless you're a writer), hire analysts to help you gain valuable insight into the market you're entering, and produce a professional gig video explaining about what you do and why the buyer should order from you. Set realistic goals, and don't overpromise. It's better to underpromise and overdeliver. Don't offer unlimited revisions, and don't sell your services for five dollars. It opens the door to bad buyers and challenging experiences. If you've come this far, you're worth more than that. Take courses in customer care to gain more than a basic understanding of how you communicate with your clients. Keep working on improving your skills in whatever niche you belong to. Treat all your buyers like they are VIPs – but only as long as they treat you with respect and courtesy. Answer messages quickly but thoroughly. Be sure to learn as much as you can about a project before accepting it, so you have a clear outline of what your work entails. Be friendly, but not too personal. Avoid terms like "dear", "bro", "mate", and "friend". It's a business, not a social club. Treat it that way. Know that there are no shortcuts to success. Work hard, but smart. Deliver outstanding quality and service to your buyers. It will make your buyers happy, ensuring you get positive reviews and positive hidden feedback. That will, in turn, increase your chances of ranking high and climbing the levels on Fiverr. Make sure to keep your buyers updated during the order. It helps the buyer feel like they are in safe hands. Don't be afraid of asking questions. If you're not 100% sure about something, it's better to ask the buyer than to make a mistake. Deliver on time, every time. Give yourself time to complete orders. If you offer 24 hour delivery time, that means you shouldn't need more than 12 hours to complete the order. If you need more, your delivery time should be set to 2 days. Delivering early and ahead of schedule has the added bonus of impressing your buyer. Praying will (most likely) not affect your gig ranking. Sure, do it if you want to pray, but don't count on it to work. That's not how business is conducted. So - to recap: vetting the people that give you advice is essential. Please don't listen to people who can't even succeed themselves. Listen to the ones that have real success and who can prove it. Pretenders won't make it in the brutal world of freelancing. Don't be one of them: stand out from the crowd by doing something you're good at. There are no shortcuts to success.
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  15. You should follow every top-rated seller who was a new seller once a time. New sellers always try to make you 100% satisfied and take a small amount cause they need to grow their account. But if you do not filter new sellers you will get a bad experience with them. You should check his experience level, his behavior, communication, and previous work. If you can find an expert new seller you will get proper support for your project and spend a little buck. Here are some tips for finding expert new seller- 1. Expert new seller always have good communication skill 2. Seller understand what you need 3. Seller will provide his previous work and showcase his expertise 4. Seller will never focus on budget, he will focus on doing your project You need to always check new expertise either you will experience a bad situation. But never suppose every new seller is a fraud and not an expert. There are lots of people has successfully local business or client but they are want to start on Fiverr, now he can't jump top-rated seller he will start from a new seller.
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  16. I feel like the definition for "hate speech" is kinda-sorta getting blurry and unclear. Maybe it's just me, but when I point out certain things and sound harsh/strict, it seems like that is seen as hate speech... even though what I am doing is, again, pointing out facts. I've seen some posts being deleted, and while I do understand why some of them were deleted, I believe there were a good number of them that made me go "What in the heck was the problem with that post?" I guess we'll continue seeing spams no matter what, but the amount is quite insane.
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  17. Thank you very much for the team's hard work as the community transitioned to this new forum software. I'm loving the fresh look! I like how we can choose what categories we can see the latest updates to by clicking on the boxes. 🥳 -- One question though, is the only way we get to reply to a specific person's comment in the thread is by quoting them?
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  18. Some Tips for Sending buyer request: 1. Read the whole request again and again so that you understand all the main tasks 2. Keep the request format short and focus only main tasks 3. Write clearly, what you will deliver and what client will get! 4. You can mention the deadline too, it's important 5. Never copy paste same thing again and again 6. Try to stay active as much as you can so that you can response faster if any client responses Finally, Best of luck 🙂
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  19. There are some tips for that. Pick your title Wisely. Don't copy some else. Make your own title with at least 2 main keywords covers. SEO title: write your SEO. Many freelancer forget to write that. Choose the category according. Description is very important. Try to write good Description and in first paragraphs, write main keywords once, but naturally. Make a video for the gig. It will help you to get more impressions and clicks. Gif thumbnail is very important. Don't fit it with a lot of text. Tip: keep sending BR to clients. It will also help you to get clicks and impressions, and orders too.
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  20. Hi Everyone. I’ve heard your feedback. We are in a constant state of what the purpose of the forum is. Recently, there has been an influx of comments and posts that make it very difficult to have meaningful conversations. This is partially due to the migration to the new platform. The survey everyone took a few months ago showed me some great feedback about what you’d like to use this platform for. Let's get back to that. In the previous forum, we had a system that I’ll call “trust levels”. These allowed users who had hit certain and specific milestones to unlock new features and posting limits. The more quality posts and interactions, the more trust you gained. Over the next day, I will be adding in these systems again. As such, a lot of you will see significant reductions in the amount of comments you can post in a given time frame. These levels will NOT affect your ability to leave reactions or read conversations. So please, think before you comment and make sure that you're adding value to the conversation. Level actions to move up and down include but are not limited to: Reputation level, activity, quality of posts, age of account, flags. Some features that can be unlocked when jumping to a new level: Post amount per day, new areas to have conversations, creation of polls, profile editing I am not going to publish the specifics about the triggers or levels, since there are some actors out there who want to “game” the system. That’s not the point of this forum or system. If you’re an active, productive, helpful member of this community, you will find no issues or changes to your daily interactions here. In addition to these user level changes, you will see some significant changes to the topic and conversation forums. These changes will likely be implemented early next week. As I’ve said in the past, and I will continue to say: Your participation here in the forum DOES NOT affect your Fiverr seller Gigs, sales, or rankings in anyway. I'm going to leave the comments open below, feel free to leave questions or comments here. I’m also available via PM. 
Thank you for reading! -MJ
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  21. Thank you for the link reminder! I found there some other great rules to follow and enforce 👇
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  22. Thanks for reminding me. But These days, forums are full of misleading, false, and Spamming information comments, and some posts. The new freelancers are being confusing. So I am drawing your attention to this. Should be taking a hard step. Thank you
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  23. Hi, I'm pretty new on Fiverr. Actually, this was my 23rd day and I already completed a project and also have two Orders I'm currently working on! Today on Fiverr Forum, a seller asked me how I did it, and here is my responses. To begin with, I let him know I don't have much secret to that (his request "How to you get first order?") But I let him know I have some personal quick tips for him maybe he can follow them.! 1. I took my time to set up my gig, I have few samples and I ensure to use the best of my work on my gig image! 2. I write a compelling description so that buyers can hire me! I asked him to check my gig on how I structured my description. 3. Furthermore, my pricing was relatively cheap, I wasn't that cheap and wasn't over charging, I check few other sellers in my category and ensure to use the best pricing list. 4. This is my 23rd days on Fiverr, I got my first message and order on the 12th day, meaning I was very patient to get there, Meanwhile I market my gig on my social media, that in turn drives more impression and clicks, which is later converting to Order... I'm yet to have any reviews on my gig, but I'm working hard so that the two Orders I currently have will convert to a positive reviews... I hope some of you will find this little tips helpful, I'll be open to receive more tips to help sellers make their first 10 sales on Fiverr. Thank you if you read this to this point. 💗
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  24. Yes, probably I'm a Top Buyer, not just a Seller. So why not telling you a couple of tips? exactly one important tip which I consider fundamental: - relationship Means when you deal with a seller, not just demand this or that. Try to create a relationship. I know it's difficult with chat and so far away, but it's important. The seller relaxes and can deliver a quality product. At the same time, you can be part of his creativity with your ideas. At the end the product will be also something yours, not just a bought product.
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  25. This post only for new seller, so experts please skip this post. Hey, are you a new seller on fiverr, i hope todays post is helpfull for you. its help to rank on your gig in fiverr and its also very usefull. 1.Keyword research 2.Keyword consistency 3.Attractive gig image 4.Attractive titles 5.Description and tags 6.Sensible pricing 7.Delivery in minimum time 8.Staying online and active on forums 9.create 7 gig 10.send per day10 buyer request . Carefully maintain this point, i hope you gig rank on fiverr. Thank you very much.😊
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  26. To Get More Exposure On New Gigs I'm a solid adherent that with regards to naming your gigs… more limited, punchier gig titles are the best approach. In the early weeks (and now and then months) of another gig, nonetheless, you'll probably battle to get a lot of permeability as Fiverr gradually accumulates information on your gig's execution. One way around this issue is to utilize watchword modifiers as they will in general be FAR less cutthroat than the undeniable head terms. Allow me to clarify: In the event that somebody types "current logo" into Fiverr's inquiry box, the pursuit calculation needs to choose which of the 3,951 outcomes to show on the outcomes page. That will be a difficult situation for a spic and span, doubtful gig. Then again, on the off chance that somebody types "present-day logo 24 hrs" into the pursuit box, you're just going up against 986 outcomes, which allows you a MUCH better opportunity of really taking care of business. The incredible thing about this methodology is that you can STILL position for those head terms since they are still a piece of your gig title, so you just remain to acquire. The following are a rundown of other gig modifiers you can try different things with: "24 hours" "quick" "extraordinary" "custom" "bespoke" "2018" "utilizing artist" "utilizing photoshop" "with eventual outcomes" Another thing: These are very specialty explicit so it merits doing the examination (as I did in the screen captures above) to see which modifiers slender down your opposition, as not every one of them will.
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  27. hello everybody here some tips for new sellers: 1) Create 7 gigs of your best skills/Services 2) Make sure they have good thumbnails and all the information filled correctly and fair 3) Don't overprice 4) Always update and improve your knowledge, keep studying 5) Everyday spend your 10 offers on buyer requests (at first you might to accept cheap works for your first customers, up to you, but dont work for free neither) 6) Be active in forum, check other tips posts 7) Patience and never give up, I meet fiverr like in 2014 and I never thought It would be in the future (2020) my stable work
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  28. This month had been really great so far, got my highest sales ever. Finally my hard work paying off. Learned a lot on fiverr forum, thank you everyone for your guidance.😊
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  29. I joined in April 11, 2021 on Fiverr. I am still working on Fiverr. It was an wonderful journey. Happy freelancing 🥰
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  30. Hello! we everyone was new once. And we know that sending buyer request is one of the first option to get sales without advertising Fiverr gig. I have recently posted a buyer request for one of my project that needed to be done And the biggest mistake we all did and still I can see that 80% sellers doing is 1) Never read or understand what the buyer actually looking for. Example: A buyer asking for WordPress website migration and 70% Sellers with big details with where and when they have created a WordPress website their portfolio, their experience, come-on I don't want to see how many website you have created so far, I just need my WordPress website migration. 2)if the buyer put $5 for 1000 YouTube subscribers they are looking for . 70% seller place bid for $5 NOH! Don't do it! can you ever bring 1000 YouTube Subscribers for $5 ? no then why did you have placed bid with $5 ? You should clearly say that I will charge $xxx for 1000 YouTube subscribers. If your bid is higher then the buyer's budget Clearly mention this while submitting the request. "I have checked that you have $5 budget for 1000 Subscribers but collecting 1000 Subscribers for $5 is not possible for anyone because ................ .................................... ( you know why you cannot do in the buyer's budget ) 3)Asking the buyer to contact before ordering. This break the buyer heart because they know you have never read or understood their work details and when someone posts a buyer request the main thing why they posted it because they don't want to waste their time contacting with multiple sellers in inbox. Example: I have posted a project " I am looking for someone who can bring 10,000 Spotify REAL USA Plays in 7 days" bidder1: I can Collect 10,000 Spotify REAL USA Plays in 5 days for $xxx bidder 2:I can Collect 10,000 Spotify REAL USA | Premium Plays | many followers | save and playlist added but please contact me before ordering... Whom you will hire ? Surely Bidder 1 The person who asked you to contact before ordering because you know he offers more service but he/she must will increase the price you will just ignore him whatever he offers better service or lower price. LAST but main mistake! Never post a paragraph in buyer request with, No one have time to read When you have started freelancing Why this work is important for you How many similar projects you have completed before What is your rating in Fiverr What is your Fiverr level !!Post A small short details!! that you can do it and how you will do it, why the buyer should hire you. Simple! BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR BUYER REQUEST!
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  31. I have been fortunate enough to have been a buyer on 5r since before the "transaction/admin fees" were instituted. Yes, that is correct, there was a time when 5r did not charge buyers a fee to buy here. During those times, it was quite a deal of trial and error to find sellers that offered great products at a very reasonable or even low low price. Even though this platform has changed quite a bit since the early days, there are still plenty of great seller's among the newbies. Although, I can not guarantee you will land one of the professionals, you can minimalize your chances of being swindled. It's going to take some time on your side, but here are my tips in finding that "Diamond in a black cole" among new sellers: 1. 5r rotates new sellers constantly so feel free to skip to page 5 or 10, by limiting yourself to page 1 or 2, you could be missing out on a great newbie that just signed up 2. Take a look at the profile picture. Stock images are okay but not if they are selling logos or illustrations, they should be displaying their original work. Right click and do a google search to see if it's stolen. If yes, move on. 3. Once you click the gig image, take a look at their description. Is it well written, is it full of grammatical errors? Is it short, is it long, is it hard to read? Regardless of what is being sold, the seller should have a nicely written, bullet points on what he/she will provide for you They should have a Q&A section, for any questions they feel the clients (us) may have - not always needed, if they captured it all in the description There should be no spelling or punctuation errors, the sentences should be coherent and make sense My definition of an expert is someone who has spent at least 1000 hours on a subject outside of school or training. So many newbies tout they are an "EXPERT" without any means to verify their abilities. After buying for a while, you will get what I mean here Stay away from all sellers that state (or similar to): I will give you best work I will give you unlimited revision until you are satisfied I guarantee you will be happy Note: All those notes above are redundant. Time is money. Ask yourself these questions: Would an expert in his/her field really need to state the obvious? Doesn't an expert photographer (as an example) always do their best work? As an expert, why would you give unlimited revision? You are an expert, your work should reflect it. No expert or not, can guarantee happiness. This is subject to interpretation. You, as the buyer, will find great sellers and professional, on this platform, do not offer unlimited revisions or guarantee satisfaction, because they know better. It may sound good on the surface, but there is a reason why they may be offering such a good deal. Take the time to actually READ the description box to see what the seller's requirements are for that gig. They may not do what you are seeking. Inbox them if you aren't sure. Give the sellers 24 hours to respond inbox quarries. They aren't robots and they could snoozing soundly with pleasant dreams on the other side of the word. Read their response carefully for grammar and sentence structures; especially if you are buying an article or any writing material. They should be responding with clear concise answers, well written and professional. I found some respond with short answers because they do not have the ability to write and will give me a plagiarized article - yes, it has happened to me. Don't use emoji's to communicate on your initial contact. After working for a while and you have a friendly relationship, then it is acceptable. First contact should be strictly professional. 4. Separate your forum relationship with 5r platform relationship. Forum is for fun and the site is for business, just because you know someone from here doesn't mean you are entitled to a freebie, special discount or anything else. I have bought gigs from a few sellers I've met on this forum and have always followed their gig requirement. 5. If the seller has a great gig, nice profile, well written description and you have communicated well - then take that leap of faith; however, I strongly advise you to buy a lower price gig for say $10 to $20 as a test run. Don't ever rush into a large project until you have worked with a newbie at least once! 6. Never buy from someone complaining about not getting any orders from this forum. [This one will be controversial and I'll probably get flack for it but, I don't care. This is my opinion - feel free to follow or not.] There may be a reason why they aren't making sales. I've gotten some really great work from newbies at rock bottom prices. Many of them are now senior sellers and have raised their prices to 10x or even 50x higher than when I worked with them. So don't dismiss a newbie too quickly!!
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  32. I have not noticed posts that I report being deleted? But then most of mine have been for those who double post the same message in a thread or who post info copied from other websites in Tips for Sellers. I agree. I was looking forward to this new Fiverr Forum and I find it disappointing and difficult to maneuver because of the over abundance of spam posts. Why can't users take advantage of the emoji buttons and stop with 999 thanks, congratulations, and the like! 😩 Yes, I agree. I take it this means the spammers should be dealt with more harshly. I soooo agree. It is only a matter of time before the spam-bots infiltrate this thread.
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  33. Take 15 steps for your success. 1. Write a good title. 2. Choose the correct category and sub-category. 3. Identify the correct metadata. 4. Recharge Gig Search Keyword and provide the correct keyword. 5. Show clear pricing . 6. Display a sorted description. 7. Give as much FAQ as possible. 8. Upload an interesting gig image. 9. Create good portfolio images. 10. Stay in a more active Fiverr. 11. Send 10 buyer requests every day. 12. Of course, write a spectacular cover letter. 13. Quickly replay the buyer's message. 14. Speak in elegant language. 15. Follow the rules of Fiverr. Please follow the steps for attractive gig image. If you want to do this you must recharge more gigs. Follow how they tried to make Gig attractive. Get a much better idea from their gig image. Remember, gig images of others cannot be used in any way. Of course you have to know the basic of Photoshop. Even if you don't know, you can learn by visiting YTB. You will succeed. Thank You
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  34. The forum is full of new sellers desperately wanting success. Someone has told them that you just create a gig and everybody rushes to buy it … Easy money! Of course that is not the case! Selling on Fiverr is just like opening a business. Imagine you are opening a shop in a town. You would see what the competition is doing. Are they offering the same thing as you. Can you offer something different or better. Or maybe a niche that nobody else has thought of. That is called research and you must do this before doing anything. Only offer something for which you have the ability to provide a professional service. Make sure everything in your profile is accurate. Buyers are not stupid and they will see through deception and move on to buy from someone else. Your Fiverr account and your forum account are separate. Posting on the forum will not get you sales. Use the forum to read and learn from experienced forum members and sellers. Everything you need to be successful is on the forum or the Fiverr website. Beware of what you are finding elsewhere! Read, learn, take action! Good luck! 🙂
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  35. Finally, I have completed my 1st order with 5 star review
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  36. Alhamdulillah, I got a massage from a buyer 5 minutes after opening the gig. And one day later I got the order from that buyer. This experience of my fiverr was very surprising
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  37. As a new seller, here are 6 things you should pay attention to. Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations. Because it will throw you back for 30 days. Finish the job as soon as possible and don't be late. Your first delivery determines the punctuality of your work. Usually I make the first delivery less than 1 day, after that it won't have any effect even if the customer makes repeated revisions. Stay friendly and provide the best quality for every job and revision that buyers do. Avoid arguing with buyers because it will harm you. Fast response time. Immediately answer carefully every customer's questions and complaints. Avoid cancellation even if you feel that the buyer has acted unfairly. Continue to learn and improve the quality of your GIG step by step. You can read many TIPS in this forum, but all of them are meaningless if you ignore the 6 things above. The Fiverr algorithm prioritizes sellers who have good performance and can bring in profits, not whiny sellers who always complain. It's like you have a shop in a big market, so every problem that comes to your shop is only you who know exactly how to solve it, not other people and not the market owner. So, work wisely and smartly. Good luck!
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  38. ✅✅✅ Take 15 steps for your success.✅✅✅ 1. Write a good title. 2. Choose the correct category and sub-category. 3. Identify the correct metadata. 4. Recharge Gig Search Keyword and provide the correct keyword. 5. Show clear pricing . 6. Display a sorted description. 7. Give as much FAQ as possible. 8. Upload an interesting gig image. 9. Create good portfolio images. 10. Stay in a more active Fiverr. 11. Send 10 buyer requests every day. 12. Of course, write a spectacular cover letter. 13. Quickly replay the buyer's message. 14. Speak in elegant language. 15. Follow the rules of Fiverr. Share your tips for seller Thanks
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  39. Alright, I'm gonna share some tips that might help you to increase your rate of getting contacted by buyers from buyer request. As you know we just can send 10 buyer request per day so you have to be careful about the sending limit, Let's jump into detail below. 1. Keep scrolling the buyer request page and read every request's two or three lines to understand if the job is for you. Check how many people already sent buyer request on the it. Check the buyer budget (If he or she mention about fixed budget). 2. Read the request carefully. Try to understand what actually the buyer looking for. Read the full buyer request firstly and understand what the buyer want from you. In one word you have to know what you have to do. Maybe there some communication gap in what the buyer asking for but as it will be related to your work you should understand the buyers mind. Think if you can do the job or not. If you are confident about the job then apply for it. If you think you can't do the job please don't waste your daily buyer request limit. 3. When you got something you can do where less people applied for the the job already and the budget looks solid for you then just go ahead and write your proposal on the request. Make sure what you have to write to convert the buyer into profit. 4. Start the conversion with "Hey, Hi, Hello" do not mention Sir/Madam something like that. Tell them that you have read the request carefully and know what to do also mention you understood the thing they are looking for and you are confident to do it for them. Don't forget to share the idea about how you will do the work. Like how you will start, what tools you will use, what will be better etc. 5. Finish the application with any questions. Ask the buyer more about the plan or if you have any confusion or anything else just make an escape that the buyer must response to you. Lastly, be solid about your budget. Make the buyer understand about why you are going to charge him\her. Hope this tips will help you to write your buyer request more effective. Cheers Jakeya
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  40. Right now I am exploring the new forum via my phone app as I am traveling. I feel like Alice in Wonderland exploring a whole new world!
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  41. Also I don't think there's specifically a rule for this, but the Fiverr Experience forum is completely overrun with people creating posts to celebrate their 57th order, their third 5 dollar tip, etc, followed by thirty people saying congratulations instead of using the emoji, running up all of their message totals and reputation scores. Only like 10% of the entire forum is readable or useful information at this point.
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  42. I suggest we also focus on groups of people openly discussing how to rip off Fiverr buyers with fake qualifications in their gigs, offering each other tips as to how to deceptively appear online 24.7. We seem to be concerned with how that damages the forum, but the real damage is being done on the main site, where many of us are trying to run legitimate businesses.
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  43. Wow, I just looked. Knowing the percentage of repeat buyers was interesting to me. Right now mine is 36%. It would be nice to know how that compares to other sellers on Fiverr.
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  44. Very nice addition. Here is mine !! 88% (from last 90 days.)
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  45. Sure feels exciting, hopefully we’ll all soon figure out how things work!
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  46. New sellers are always not good or bad. If you can identify the right person among the new sellers, you can get better services at a low cost. Now, I will guide you to find professional and quality new sellers. Portfolio: In the portfolios of new sellers, you must see the quality, not the quantity. Professionalism: If a new seller has a good number of experiences previous, he/she will communicate with you professionally. He/she will respect your works. He/she will ask questions to become clear about the job. He/she will ask questions before starting the works. Suggestions: He/she can give some valid and valuable suggestions to improve your project. He/she can give you a perfect idea about the improvements before starting the project.
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  47. I joined Fiverr in 2019 and got 1st order in Oct 10, 2019. Now within 2 years Happy to complete 250 orders and gained 5 Star rating from Buyers. Now I'm waiting when will I get TOP RATED BADGE Happy to work with Fiverr.
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  48. Firstly, I think this is in the wrong topic. Secondly, you spent less than a year on your last account, did you just wait for orders to come to you? Did you do any market research? Did you fully optimise your gigs and your profile? Now you have restarted with a new account, effectively restarting your progress. I guess this would be fine if you wanted a hard reset and to try and completely new strategy but it seems like you are just doing the same thing. From a quick check I saw several mistakes and half of your gigs don't show any of your work, just have a thumbnail. You said you need suggestions badly, but have you actually read through the forums yourself? If you look through some of the top posts on the forum you will find plenty of advice. I'm not trying to be rude or discourage you, but you need to put the work in in order to be successful on a platform like Fiverr. You can't just expect work to magically come to you. Good luck!
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  49. Can we spam this thread until everyone can see it? (seriously though, it really is THIS simple.) Ignoring the fact that some people have 0 talent, of course.) (I like seeing a buyer's POV - when I purchase stuff on here it's mostly for fun - but I feel like when it's for serious projects it'd be very different!)
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  50. 1. Get active as more as possible 2. Send few buyer request daily 3. Create gig with good keywords and bright images 4. Deliver quality content to clients 5. Maintain a friendly relationship with clients
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