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Gig tips? I have been trying to get a first sale


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Hello all!

I am a new seller on Fiverr, and I find the idea really great. I love the way it works and the potential it has behind it. I have several gigs, one of which that has been up for months. They seem to be getting attention, but this has not translated into any sales. I have also sent quite a few buyer requests to see if I could get anything… but nothing has happened thus far. If anyone has any tips, I would gladly appreciate it. If you could also take a look at my gigs and have me improve them, that would also be great. Thanks in advance.

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Your profile talks about love of pcs but only one gig is pc based. Could you do a pc problem diagnosis gig?

I think you need to add more gigs and I think your profile needs to say something other than you’re a geek (a nice geek, I’m sure, but still a geek 🙂 )

Your other two gigs under those circumstances look like add-ons rather than your focus.

The gig description for your custom PC gig is very niche. Pick something that more people might need. And are people who want to design or build their own PC going to be the type of people who want to pick the parts themselves? Maybe you could have a gamer’s PC list ready to go & a list of places in different countries that will build PCs for you, for someone who doesn’t want to build their own or shop around? Same for other niche PCs.
Can you write? Can you do a gig where you write articles or reviews on PC hardware?

Maybe your problem with buyer requests is that if the buyer checks out your profile they don’t see an exact fit? You could set up gigs that specifically appeal to the type of people who put ads in buyer requests.

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