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Would anyone like to "swap" gigs? Please read


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Hi guys.

Recently posted a gig for the production of a tennis court style image to tie in with Wimbledon season.


I’ve used it on my own pages and it does generate a few likes, like I’ve said in the description I get it turned around quick so you can post it out before your chosen player’s match, or when he/she wins. “Good luck Andy!” alongside your company logo/mascot is always a good one.

Anyway, I’m new to Fiverr and haven’t made a sale yet - so I was wondering if someone would “swap” or “exchange” gigs with me - more specifically someone with a big Facebook/Twitter following. I make you an image you can post out for your business, in return you use your following to promote my gig. Obviously having a crossover on the same page might be undesirable (e.g: here’s a cool new image… this guy did it!) but if you have access to two big pages it might be something that’d interest you.

Food for thought.


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