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[Newbie] How can I Improve my Gig?


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Well there are a lot of ways and you might find some gold nuggets in fiverr seller tips section but here are the basics:

Blogging: If you own a blog where you show your skills and have a decent audience, you could put a badge on your blog to promote it. You can also do that for an email list if you have.

Facebook groups: Almost everyone shoots for this one. Simply join relevant facebook groups and post your service there.

Forums & Blog comments: You can find relevant blogs or forums to provide value + build reputation and then promote your service there. You can also use this forum to help others and others might notice and work with you.

Question/Answer sites: You can use Quora or other sites to provide valuable answers and promote your gig as well.

Solo Ads: This is more like a paid option but you can use other marketer’s email list to promote your gig.

Craiglist: You can post ads, answer job queries, do arbitrage or simply promote your service.

I hope you follow these tips and soon you’ll have lots of orders flooding in 🙂

PS: test your titles to see which ones perform the best for example try “I will provide an HONEST Website Analysis and User Testing review”. Don’t make grammatical mistakes. It’s a huge turn-off for buyers.

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