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Who Has Published an Ebook


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I have published 5. Only two really sell consistently and I’m happy with the revenue I get from them ($20-$60 a month).

As for how it’s done, I personally would steer clear of Fiverr for anything ebook related. This isn’t because formatting services etc are universally bad. The case is simply that it takes weeks (after writing) to format a book so that it appears correctly on all ereaders. Then there is cover design, last minute "Oh my God how have I not realized these spelling mistakes previously etc), and finally testing to see if your book really does load the same on an Ipad as it does on every kind of kindle device there is.

As for marketing, definitely, don’t do this on Fiverr. My 2 books that sell were marketed by me but at specific audiences. This took time, a lot of luck and determination, and definitely isn’t something which could be achieved without a seller knowing the book inside out, knowing the intended market and spending a month (at least) to try several different marketing strategies.

That said, I am toying with the idea of buying a certain video gig on Fiverr for future ebook marketing efforts. This, however, will be something that I will be incorporating into a wider strategy, not something I expect to see me make gazillions of sales (if any) on its own.

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