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My gig goes down and not getting order


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I am a level 2 seller. I have 4 gig in fiverr. Recently I am not getting any order from fiverr.

Here is the screen short what I have earned from fiverr: prnt.sc/ehdcop

I have completed 52 order and among them 51 are five star review:

Here is the order completion screen short: prnt.sc/ehdc18

Here is the review screen short: prnt.sc/ehdcdw

My response rate and order completion rate is little bit low:

Here is the screen short: prnt.sc/ehdc7d

My all of the gig was in search result in particular keyword. But now non of them are in search result. I have searched and I did not got that till last page.

Here is the screen short of my gig impression: prnt.sc/ehdcx4

So now what can I do for bring back my gig to search result and increase impression.

Please give me honest advice.

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