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Tips For Newly Joined Seller, Who looking for orders


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Fiverr is a great platform for selling services, It has all the features needed to do good deals. I have joined Fiverr 1 year ago. At first I had to face some disappointed situation. But in days changes Now I pay all my expenses as well as support my family.

Here is what you can do to develop yourself day by day In fiverr:

Think You should bear in mind before placing a request to buyer:

  1. Don’t write the same phrase of words for all the buyer request. You have to write there unique for each of them. You need to write “ What you have understood reading his request ” and “ How You Will Do The Job, (In Professional Language )”.
  2. When Writing your request to buyer make the number of words as long as possible but be sure with relevant words. Make him understand that you are experienced and skilled enough to do his particular job. When you have less review or even no review, You will need to convert your buyer with your words in the request form.

After Drawing The Buyer’s Attention, Offer them to have a discussion with you.


  1. Before taking any order, clearly, understand what the buyer want. If you don;t understand it, ask your buyer and clarify it.
  2. Always try to over deliver a task. Don’t take any intention to trick with the buyer. Be 100% honest and professional
  3. Try to understand buyers. Most of them will say that “ I have more work, do this nicely and I will continue order you ”. But most of them actually haven’t more jobs, You need to understand which buyer can be your repeat buyer. Be more professional as well as friendly with them
  4. Pay attention to your repeat buy taks. They are real asset to you!
  5. Don’t hesitate to refund the buyer if you can’t fullfill his/her needs
  6. Be polite with you words as much as you can. By this you can escape negative review
  7. Always remember that a negative review will hurt you a lot. So do whatever to escape that.

very important information.

I hope this helps me. Thank you for the subject!

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