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How is response time determined?


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I’ve already written to @kevinwil here (http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/comment/79373#Comment_79373).

Text was:

@kevinwill: just a question: is response time computed with “time between a buyer writes me and I answer him” or with “time between a buyer writes me and I read his message”?

If it is the first I think it’s not correct, because my buyers many times write me just to thank me or sending messages I don’t need to reply…

Unfortunately I had no reply…

More: my response time is stuck on “1 day” from a couple of weeks even if I answer my buyers in some minute (if I’m not sleeping) or is some hour (if I’m sleeping).

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This is my theory (not proven per se, but drawing conclusions from the way it’s worded and what I’ve noticed for my own account):

Response time is an average. That means that if you’ve lots of instances of communication with someone and for the majority of those instances or messages you responded in a day (or a little over), then having only a few instances or messages where you responded in minutes won’t change that average. If you want your average response time showing on your profile to decrease, you’ll have to build up more instances of communication or messages where you’re responding within lower time frames.


You have a message that you’ve responded to in an hour, one you responded to in 4 hours and one you responded to in 24 hours. Your average response time would be between 9 and 10 hours (the average of all your response times). I’m sure there are other factors as well though, including how many instances of responding in 1 hour you have vs. responding in 4 or 24 hours. That gives you a rough idea though.

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