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International shipping pricing

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Up numbers for international shipping pricing or Opt out completely option.

Hi, I don’t offer digital services like most of us here on fiverr do.
All gigs I currently have are handmade hard copies therefore I send actual items in the mail.

As most seller issues have encountered, I myself frequently encounter International buyers who gets excited that they don’t see a shipping charge therefore buys the gig without reading descriptions as well as FAQs.
Currently the "I charge for shipping internationally is only up to $8, that’s fine if you send only cards or post cards because it actually costs less than that first class. And if you don’t fill that option - it basically means it is free.
I hope they put the “Opt out option” or “services not offered outside(your country) in my case usa” Customs requirement and mailing charges differs in every country so this option is very helpful if I decide I only want to offer my gigs to where I can ship without burning a hole in my buyers pocket. I mean who doesn’t want to save. Most of the time, shipping charges are more expensive than the gig they purchased from me and it doesn’t make sense. Or just up the numbers so I can actually price the correct shipping fees. This option helps avoid any future inconvenience between me and my buyers by cancellations overall and should not affect any digital offers by othe sellers.

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