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Hi all So i am here on fiverr since 2 weeks and i haven't received any order yet. Is their some mistake in my Gigs or nobody wants what i can do Thanks


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Do you want to limit yourself to Amazon and eBay only? Please check similar gigs to get better ideas.
Gig writeups need improvement and clarity.

Your description can be improved:

Are you searching high quality work ? Then I am the right person for you. I am an expert web and graphic designer and full time freelancer.I have over three years experience in web and graphic designing. If I get any chance to work with you that will be a great pleasure for me.

How about:

Hi, I am Samil, an expert Graphics Designer with 3+ years of industry experience. Graphic designing has been my passion. I am now a full-time freelancer here at Fiverr, and can deliver high quality work at short notice.

This is just one way I could come up with. Master wordsmiths can say it better in hundred different ways!

Ultimately, the plot is:

a) how to create enough interest for your prospects to read what you say.
b) how to convince them that you stand out in thousands of similar gigs.
c) how to assure that they are making the right decision & not wasting their time and money.
d) how to deliver a great quality work to ensure that they return with more work and tell their friends too.

Hope this helps you in getting more creative in improving your Fiverr offerings.

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