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2 weeks on fiverr still no order


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The challenge you face is that you are offering services that are in a VERY competitive market here on Fiverr. Expecting free success when you aren’t really doing anything to stand out from the crowd isn’t likely to yield any results. You need to determine who your market is, where they are located, and then go out and interact with that market.

As much as I hate to keep saying this to new sellers such as yourself, you are not guaranteed sales just because you have gigs on Fiverr. YOU need to work hard to build your success, and that does not mean just posting a gig, and waiting for the sales to roll in. Success requires hard work – branding, marketing, promoting, presentation, etc. It doesn’t look like you;ve been doing any of that.

Your gigs are a business. If you wish to be successful with those gigs, you need to start thinking like a businessman, and you need to be willing to work hard to make them viable and profitable. We’re not going to do that for you. Nor are you going to miraculously gain buyers without doing any hard work.

Understand that you are competing against hundreds of other sellers offering the same exact services as you are, and then find ways to make your sales unique in ways that your competitors are not. We can’t help you do that. Get out there, get active… and build your own success!

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